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Picture Scandinavia – A Photography Challenge with Canon

123Rf-Canon Winners from Picture Sweden 2014

  * Pictures courtesy of Picture Sweden 2014 Winner/123RF Contributor Ying Johansson, runners-up Johan Jehlbo & Eva Whitebrook Engman

Each photographer has a story to tell. It could be something formal like a business portrait or fun like the infamous “selfie”, yet every picture captures a moment that is kept forever. Being a photographer means you just love taking that perfect shot, it is more than just pointing your camera and pressing the click button. It is with this concept that Picture Scandinavia was created, to challenge and motivate photographers of all levels and display the beauty of what Scandinavian regions have to offer.

An initiative between Canon and 123RF, Picture Scandinavia is a progression from last year’s success – Picture Sweden. Over 300 participants shared their stories through their camera lens’ and we received great online and print media coverage. Most importantly, 123RF saw a large increase in signups of new Swedish contributors, thus raising the bar of Swedish content substantially – something that is important to our Swedish clientele.

This year will carry forward this success and more – a vision of at least 500 participants and more contributors for 123RF throughout Scandinavia. To achieve this, the contest that began its journey in Sweden will now be opened up to avid photographers in Norway and Denmark as well. And instead of providing only 1 brief like the prior event, Picture Scandinavia will now present 5 briefs that will be gradually released throughout the duration of the contest. The best part about this is, participants can choose any brief that resonates best with their shooting style, or even all 5 briefs for an added challenge. Currently, the 4 briefs are:

  1. Staged Portrait with mentor Martin Bubandt

  2. Street Photography with mentor Christina N Andersen

  3. Unexpected Selfie with mentor Bobby Anwar.

  4. Style Brief with mentor Julie Pike

The final brief will be revealed shortly on the Picture Scandinavia Contest page.

Learning is a big part of this contest. Taking part not only allows you to show off your skills, express your emotions, and improve your work, it provides a golden opportunity to connect with expert photographers from all over the world.

The photographic history is filled with incredible people, whose works are known to bend reality and freeze moments like no other. Each brief is supported by one such person, who is an expert in that particular shooting style. The mentor will advise and share his or her tips, as well as having a say in the choice and nomination for that brief.

With Canon’s support, we believe anyone can be a photographer, and possibly win some amazing prizes! Each brief will have a winner and runner-up, receiving a Canon EOS 70D and PowerShot G1 X mark II respectively. And for the icing on the cake, there will also be a “Grand Prix” for the overall winner across all briefs, a Canon EOS 5D mark III courtesy of Canon.

The competition is now open and the last date of entry for the final brief is July 6. We have also created a Likebox of Scandinavian inspiration, so get your hands on a camera -any camera and start shooting!  Visit the Picture Scandinavia page for more information or to get started right away!

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