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Our Ultimate Search Guide For Better Image Results

We all understand the search for stock content. It’s a sit-down, roll up your sleeves and get to hunting kind of task. Searching for content on 123RF has never been easier. Here’s how.

Sort By Search

This is a guide on utilizing the filtered search, which is one of the most commonly used search features on 123RF. It’s also one of the simplest ways to find what you’re looking for.

Simply enter your desired keyword in the search bar. Next, select how you’d like to sort your search: for example, based on relevancy (how relevant your search results will be to your search keyword).

Did you choose the new tab? This option will display the latest stock content of your chosen keyword in the search results.

Clicking on the georank option will provide you results of the closest geographical locations to your current one. Here’s a general example. Let’s say you’re located in Japan. Using the search term ‘business people’ will show you more Asian ethnicities in the results than if you were located in Sweden.

Visual Search

After you’ve completed the step above, try clicking on an image of your choice! You’ll see a little tab overlaying the photo that says “Visual Search”. Here’s what it’ll look like, check it out below.

Click on it and you’ll be able to search via any part of the image you want to crop. The results will appear on the right side of the page for you. Explore this new feature today!

Filtered Search Guide

Much like sorting your search, try filtering your search outcome based on style, orientation, and image type (for example, photography only, or photography and vector illustrations).

By selecting the ‘More’ tab, you’ll discover a drop-down menu that shows you options for collections, color, number of people, and many more. This is a more advanced type of search, with a range of filters right down to the freshness of stock content you’re hunting for. That option helps display the content that has just been uploaded from as early as the past couple of days.

Choosing ‘don’t include these words’ can help refine your search to suit a specific concentration of results. Here’s an example: you’re searching for red flowers but would rather not see pink flowers in the mix. Make use of that feature to exclude the search term “pink flowers” from showing up in your search results.

Searching By Contributor Style

Have you seen a certain image style that you like popping up across your search results? It’s much easier to narrow down the photography or illustrations that you’re into based on the contributor who created them.

Here’s what you need to do. Click on the image you’re keen on, and let the pop-up load with all the image details. Right below the little heart icon, you’ll see Image ID, Media Type, and Copyright. What you’re going to want to do is click on Copyright, so you’ll be directed to the portfolio of the respective contributor.

If you aren’t certain whether you got on the right page, check the URL in your browser’s search bar. Right after the “”, you’ll see a “/profile_contributorusername”. Then you’re good to go, ready to browse right through the contributor’s collection of stock content.

Reverse Image Search Guide

Here’s a great feature that you can utilize to locate a specific image. Maybe you’ve been scouring numerous search engines in the hopes that you’ll find it, but it hasn’t been showing up. Or perhaps you’re not one for opening several tabs and searching multiple keywords to try your luck.

Our reverse image search can definitely help you out with that. If we don’t have that exact image in our database, the search will retrieve a number of selective content that appears to be closest to what you’re looking for.

On 123RF’s search bar, click on the outline of a camera icon. That’ll bring up a small menu that says “Search by image”. Once you see that menu, you’re on the right track. Either click “choose file” or drag and drop your image of choice to upload it. An alternative is to paste a URL in the given space, then click the yellow button to start your search. It really is that easy.

Chrome URL Field Search Guide

We all love shortcuts, because they definitely cut down on the time and hassle spent in order to achieve something. That’s why we have the Chrome URL field search enabled. Identical to the GIF shown above, these are the steps you’ll need to use this search function.

Fire up a new empty tab in your Chrome browser (currently only available for Chrome!) and type in Then hit the Tab button on your keyboard and type in a search keyword. Press Enter to begin.

How easy is that? This is a quick feature that allows you to save time while on the hunt for your stock content.

If you’ve read this far, you now know how to search for specific content and refine your searches based on the filters given. That’s really all you need to make your content searching easier and far more painless. What’re you waiting for? Give these search hacks a go and locate the content that you want right now. 🙂

Still feel like reading more? Here’s a comprehensive guide to stock photos and how you can utilize them. This article gives you an in-depth guide to where you can apply stock photos.


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