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How to Choose the Best Pricing Plan For Buying Stock Content

There are 3 types of plans that 123RF offers:

  1. Subscriptions (Monthly and Annual) A subscription plan allows you to download a monthly limit of stock images or vectors. The quota for downloading resets on a monthly basis.

  2. Download Packs Download packs last for a year and gives you the freedom to download images and vectors at your leisure.

  3. On Demand Credits Similar to download packs, these too last for a year, however, you may license even more everything 123RF has to offer from stock photos, images, vectors to stock footage, video clips and audio files. You may also get extended licenses with 123RF’s On Demand Credits.

With that in mind, how do you decide which one to go for?

Here’s a checklist of questions that will help you figure out the best pricing plans for your projects:

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WHAT type of stock content or media would you need?

123RF provides 4 different types of stock content, we have stock photos, vector illustrations, footage and audio. Is there is a possibility that you might want to use all four types of stock content in your visual marketing? Do ascertain which type of stock content you’ll be using primarily.

HOW OFTEN will you need to use stock content?

Do you have a constant need to buy stock over a long term basis? A subscription plan would be most ideal for you.

OR if you only need to download and use stock content every week or month, then a Download Pack would be your best bet.

USAGE: Are you incorporating the stock content into a product for sale?

You’ll most likely require an extended license for the content used. For example, let’s say you’re intending to print 100 t-shirts, or 50 mugs with an image from 123RF’s stock library.

Here’s How You Can Decide:

Once you have determined exactly what you require, how much and how often, you can start choosing the perfect pricing plan that won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

Choose On Demand Credits if:

  1. You need all forms of Stock Content, like Royalty Free Images, Photos, Vectors, Editorial, Stock Footage and/or Music.

  2. You want to use 123RF’s stock content on products or packaging that’s meant for sale and require Extended Licenses

  3. Need only a few images for your creative projects.

  4. Need flexibility in downloading content anytime you want within the year after purchase.

An Image Download Pack is best suited for:

  1. You only need Royalty-Free images or vectors only

  2. Need only a few images for your creative projects.

  3. Need flexibility in downloading content anytime you want within the year after purchase.

Otherwise, a Subscription plan would suffice when:

  1. You only need Royalty-Free images or vectors only

  2. You have a constant need to download content over a long period of time

BONUS : 123RF’s Corporate+ Enterprise Content Licensing Platform:

If you have many members in your organization that wants to share downloads and collaborate on Content Licensing activities, you may be interested to learn about our Corporate+ Enterprise Licensing Platform. Here are some of the advantages:

  1. Share download quotas with multiple members of your organization.

  2. Allocate download quotas to individual members or groups.

  3. Track usage and license history.

  4. Download and issue separate licenses for your own clients.

  5. Access to your very own Key Account Manager

  6. Preferential rates, special licensing terms, customized plans.

Pricing Plans Summary

Choose The Best Pricing Plan For Buying Stock Content - 123RF Blog

Pricing Plans : 123RF Subscription Plan Pricing (Monthly and Yearly)

USD Pricing for 123RF Subscription Plans (Images & Vectors)Monthly Plan 10 Downloads$30$3.00/imageMonthly Plan 50 Downloads$89$1.78/imageMonthly Plan 150 Downloads$129$0.86/imageMonthly Plan 350 Downloads$169$0.48/imageYearly Plan 10 Downloads/month$269$2.24/imageYearly Plan 50 Downloads/month$799$1.33/imageYearly Plan 150 Downloads/month$1149$0.64/imageYearly Plan 350 Downloads/month$1519$0.36/image

Pricing Plans : 123RF Download Pack Pricing (1 Year Validity)

USD Pricing for 123RF Download Packs (Images & Vectors)3 Downloads/Year$27$9.00/image10 Downloads/Year$45$4.50/image25 Downloads/Year$89$3.56/image100 Downloads/Year$299$2.99/image

Reach out to our customer service reps to get a full explanation and more details.

  1. Click the link to explore more about our licensing plans.

Buying stock content, but still unsure which pricing plan you should choose? That’s totally fine, it’s what our support team is here for! We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you find the ideal plan or customize one specifically for your business and industry. Drop us a line, or an email to get a guide on your pricing plans.

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