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November 2019: Trending Keywords

Are you wondering what sort of stock content to produce? What are buyers really looking for? We hear you, and we’ve compiled the trending keywords for the month of November. Check out the data down below.


(Christmas trees, invites and Santa)

Christmas vector

Christmas card

The merriest time of the year is not far away! Home decor ideas and party invites are always popular downloads, so stock up on fancy red ornament decorations, vibrant mockups and Christmas tree designs. Finally, no Chritsmas celebration would be complete without Santa and his trusted helpers, so be sure to include them in your stock creations!

New Year

(New Year backgrounds, fireworks and parties)

new year fireworks

people celebrating new year

2019 is almost done so it’ll soon be time to welcome the new year. As for content creation, we’re expecting plenty of demand for cool party invites, with hints of bright colors and fireworks being firm favorites. Next, also do develop 2020 backgrounds that are perfect for sharing on social media.


(Hanukkah backgrounds, candles and banners)

happy hanukkah card

hanukah gifts

This popular Jewish celebration sees the rise in demand for Hanukkah-themed backgrounds and banners. Celebrated towards the end of the year, this Jewish festival of lights is carried out with the lighting of nine candles. So be sure to include this iconic symbol into your Hanukkah content pieces.

Chinese New Year

(Chinese New Year cookies, icons and elements)

Chinese New Year designs

Yee Sang

It’s never too early to start planning ahead. With Chinese New Year in 2020 taking place towards the end of January, it’s best to get your content pieces ready. So prepare for banners, backgrounds and invites, with a strong focus on lanterns, mandarins, cookies and the color red!

Stay tuned for our compilation of December’s trending keywords next month

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