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Live It Up With Luscious Logos By Vadzim Susko

Also known as paladroid on 123RF, this creative contributor definitely plays on the fun side of life. Hailing from the vibrant shores of Belarus, the logos by Vadzim Susko strikes a good balance between bright hues and spiffy gradients.

Luscious Logos by Vadzim Susko

Fun colors and dynamic patterns make for a great harmonious blend, as Vadzim is known to mix with a passion. Speaking of patterns, the artistic appeal can be shared amongst most creatives and marketers alike. Aside from this, Vadzim’s creative works can also be used to provide an interesting flair for branding and identity purposes.

As we’ve touched on the importance of a good logo design for a brand before. In that article, we’ve also touched on why it’s necessary to have a proper identity for your brand. Vadzim’s creative illustrations work great for that. Truthfully, without a good focus on colors or gradients, the vibrancy of a logo or illustration would be lost in a sea of mundane.

Logos need to be unique to represent your brand, your identity and align with your brand’s purpose. It’s always a good idea to hire a professional designer to create one for you. You could spend hours scouring the Internet for inspiration on logo design. On the other hand, if you’d like to design a logo yourself, Vadzim’s logo collection is perfect to start with as a guide!

For his full portfolio, explore the rest of his works on 123RF. Are you hungry for more incredible artistic content? Check out our featured collection of talented artists.

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