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LGBTQ Travel: Gender Without Borders

While Pride Month is soon coming to an end, the fight for the LGBTQ community on their rights to be a part of society is far from over. However, recent times have seen the world slowly opening up and accepting people for who they are. Similarly, the LGBTQ community are also not shying away from the opportunity to explore different sides of the world by traveling.  

LGBTQ Instagram Influencers and The Travel Industry 

The rise of several queer social media influencers have helped to spread the word on LGBTQ travel. The likes of Nomadic Boys and Dopes On The Road are some of the very best in this business. The former are experts in gay travel, including safety advice, accommodation options and partying scenes around the globe. As for the former, the lesbian couple shares tips on lesbian-friendly bars and events held around the globe. 

In addition to Instagram influencers, LGBTQ travel companies have also been on the rise. Agencies like Detours Travel and RSVP Vacations are committed to ensure the queer community do not miss out on their globetrotting adventures. RSVP Vacations are also taking it a step further by specializing in LGBTQ cruises, a thrilling experience indeed. 

For more LGBTQ travel inspiration, be sure to check out our collection of images. Alternatively, if you can’t seem to shake of the travel bug, explore the world’s top destinations with us! 

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