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Learn Creative Skills Online With These Tools

Anything you want to learn is now available online, and one of the skills that can last you for the next few decades of your life is creativity. A good way to distinguish yourself from others in a workplace is to master a creative skill – whether it’s designing, photography, or image editing.

Editing Images

If you’re completely new to image editing, start with a free online tool, such as Pixlr X. While it is basic, it’s a very user friendly browser-based editing tool that allows you to work on your image editing skills without having to worry about downloading additional software. As an individual looking to upgrade your skill set, try learning X at your own pace. But if you are an educator, Pixlr has a dedicated Education section for your teacher and student lesson material.

Removing Backgrounds From Your Images

Once you have already gained a good grasp with using X, you might feel ready for a more advanced level of software like Pixlr E. A loosely based alternative to Photoshop, Pixlr E provides users a clean, fuss-free design and editing experience. Both X and E come with A.I. integrated tools, which can cut out a big chunk of manual editing time, especially when it comes to removing backgrounds.

It’s never been more easy to cut out your unwanted backgrounds, replace them with solid colors or even another image of your choice. With a handy A.I. infused tool like this, you don’t need to worry about the extra effort it would take to mask, redraw or trace around the tough parts you want to remove or retain within your photo.

It’s during these stages of learning that you discover certain things about yourself – whether you have a creative passion, or if you just want to be able to design art from scratch. Learning how to design can open up a lot of possibilities and new, exciting career paths. Start with the basics if you’re new – learning the color wheel would be a perfect way to begin! Pixlr X has an easy and simple enough learning curve for both students and teachers to edit and create images for lessons and assignments.

Making Videos In Your Browser

Speaking of lesson materials, if your school has a budget, using a premium intelligent tool like Videomaker can make quick and easy presentations a breeze. Gone are the days where you need to install heavy software to your computers to generate a simple video – especially that steep learning curve for mastering video editing. Basically, you can figure out the foundation of creating videos with this intelligent text-to-speech feature within the tool.

As this online tool provides affordable choices to download your video creations, Videomaker offers hassle-free single video creation with no extra commitment, which allows an individual to pay per use. Other packages allow the creation of 5 projects for the price of 3, or bigger choices for all the agencies, SMEs, marketing professionals and publishers out there.

Colorize Graphics Online For Free

Next, if you’re new to digital designing, you’re basically a clean slate. Graphicmaker allows you to learn how to switch colors of simple vector shapes to match a desired theme of your design, without any charge.

You don’t have to create your own illustrations with this nifty online tool, which is by far the best option if you’re strapped for time. These customizable vector illustrations are completely free for downloading, and offer a wide range of categories for you to choose from their drop-down list.

Learning some creative and design skills online for free is one of the best ways to stay flexible and save on the cost of course fees. A definite bonus is, if you stick with learning a little on the daily, you’ll see how effective it can be to developing self-discipline. While you can learn at your own pace, without having to follow a group or a class, learning creative skills digitally helps you customize what you want to learn. Now, explore how you can start out as a graphic designer and possibly land your first project!

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