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Langstrup Creates Photography With An Honest, Authentic Feel

From the coastal city of Copenhagen, contributors Stefan and Janni Dahl own a professional photography studio. They specialize in the creation of stock content with a strong lifestyle focus. Known as langstrup on 123RF, this pair of photographers capture stunning angles in photography. Their work comes complete with a consistent tone that strikes us as clips from a movie scene. Strong perspectives, beautiful tones, and incredible editing make up a big part of contributors Stefan and Janni’s photography collection.

With a brilliant focus on capturing the right moods, snapping incredible lifestyle shots seems to be their forte. Throwing out the mundane that we commonly see with the usual fitness and wellness themes, this photography duo brings an honest, authentic feel to the stock content sphere instead. Sports themes spread around a broad range of ages – perfect captures of women practicing ballet, young women stretching during a yoga session, mature men golfing, or high school students in the middle of baseball training on their field.

Perspectives of people working together and having group discussions used to be captured from a serious, formal angle. Think stoic handshakes, business-like cool and the usual thumbs-up pose by people in suits. Stefan and Janni’s portfolio collection brings a brighter, more modern outlook to shots of your average salarymen (and women!) having fun as they work together on collaborative projects.

Need images for a digital perspective? Picture any of these authentic imagery on your website, as faces of your next e-commerce, web banners or on an online magazine. Look no further than this contributor’s collection on 123RF.

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