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June 2019: Trending Keywords

Are you wondering what sort of content to produce? What are buyers really looking for? We hear you, and we’ve compiled the trending keywords for the month of June. Check out the trending keywords data the team has compiled down below.

Independence Day / 4th of July (USA)

Background, flag and fireworks


Merry little girl jumping in the studio

Independence day. Liberty enlightening the world

Under this umbrella search term, most people tend to search on 123RF with these sub-keywords: background, fireworks and flag. Experiment with your creativity and create cool designs and images for this iconic occasion.


Background, beach and watermelon

Summer flat banner set illustration

Fruit made of paper. Colorful background. Tropics. Flat lay.

Beach accessories for travelling on wood

With summer around the corner, it’s time to head out and enjoy the weather. Popular search terms include summer party backgrounds and posters. Also, take advantage of the season’s happy vibes with trending keywords like beach and watermelons!


International Yoga Day

Group of young sporty girls with yoga mats, copyspace

Illustration with yoga classes. Men and woman do yoga in the hall.


The world celebrates International Yoga Day on June 21st. So be sure to include plenty of yoga-themed images and vectors for marketers to use and share on social media.

Back to school

School bag and school shopping


Back to school sale design with colorful pencil, brush and other school items on yellow background. Vector Illustration with Special Offer Typography Elements for Coupon, Voucher, Banner, Flyer, Promotional Poster, Invitation or greeting card.

Back to school design with colorful pencil, eraser and other school items on yellow background. Vector illustration with magnifying glass, chalkboard and typography lettering for greeting card, banner, flyer, brochure or promotional poster.

When the fun ends, schools arrive in full swing. Under this search term, trending keywords like school bag and shopping are a firm favorite, as parents look to get their kids ready for the new term. Therefore, prompting similar content to be produced and shared as part of various marketing campaigns.

Upcoming trend prediction

While the above details provide our contributors with insights to what’s currently trending, we’ve also decided to put together a list of themes that are expected to be the next big thing in our industry.

This includes, e-hailing, food delivery and mobile shopping. Each of these themes focuses on the rise of mobile phones in our daily lives and how it helps to carry out essential tasks. Therefore, consider adding these themes into your profile!

Stay tuned for our compilation of July’s trending keywords.

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