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Increase Your Likes With These Smartphone Camera Tips

123rf stock photos outdoor portrait of group of friends taking photos with a smartphone in the park

One of the features that has become a mainstay and determining factor when using a smartphone is the camera. How many megapixels? Is there a ‘selfie’ function? Does it have filters? And no wonder, after all, it’s the simplest way to shoot and share on our social media channels at a click plus it’s lighter than lugging around a DSLR.  From sharing your daily inspiration to life’s interesting moments, photo-sharing has become the new era of digital communication.

So how do you take better photos that will be worthy of those “Likes” and Shares? Rule of thirds, exposure, color balance, lighting…this infographic from Verizon will keep you in check and help you snap the best shots!


Ready to start snapping and sharing? Use these tips or better yet, print this out and stick it somewhere (not folded nicely in your drawer) as a daily reminder. Do you have any tips to share? Shout out in the comments below!

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