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How to Use Localized Content for Marketing Campaigns

Want to target the local audience? Well, localized content is a must to draw their attention. While web copies are a great way to send a strong message, visuals also play an important role to quickly connect with the local crowd and keep them engaged with your brand. Therefore, here’s four ways how stock photos can help with your next marketing campaign.

1. Sports industry

Football does not get more authentic than this.

Nike, Adidas and Under Armour are some of the biggest sports brands out there. However, although they appeal to the global audience, their first target is always the local audience. Therefore, it’s little surprise that Nike sponsors the US Men’s soccer team.

Likewise, Adidas supports the German national football team, and Puma backs the Italian squad. Meanwhile, when it comes to targeting the global audience, brands should seek to create ads for a specific location. The above image is an example of what will help to engage your marketing campaign targeted for the Brazilian crowd.

2. Fashion Industry

Here’s one way to market this bag pack to the Southeast Asian audience, with the help of Angkor Wat.

This industry has gotten a bad rep over time with the abuse of foreign workers and cheap labor. However, if there’s a way for brands to stand out on social media, localized content is the way to go. Take Pestle & Mortar for example. With their focus on Southeast Asia, they engage their target audience with videos, photos and marketing campaigns that are extremely relatable to the regional community.

3. Food and beverage industry

The red and white umbrella helps to tie together this marketing campaign for Coca-Cola in Japan.

Similarly, the food and beverage industry has a massive appeal towards a global audience. Nestle and The Coca-Cola Company are the best examples of a brand’s dominance. However, they do not launch the same ad in Japan and the US. By using localized content, these brads are able to ensure the community can engage with their marketing campaigns, and drive better conversions.

4. Travel industry

Airbnb can produce travel content for its Moroccan audience using the famous blue streets of Chefchaouen.

The travel industry is expected to massively grow over the next few years, as more people are craving rest and relaxation, in the form of digital detox. Therefore, leading to a growing demand of Airbnb’s worldwide. And to their credit, Airbnb has identified this, and have launched various localized marketing campaigns in a bid to generate engagement within a specific location.

While influencers do help to promote a local destination, visuals, like stock photos also play a huge role to act as a content resource for such campaigns. Therefore, as brands seek to stand out on social media with marketing campaigns, going local is the way forward. Alternatively, looking for more marketing tips? Check out our guide to a marketer’s most powerful tool.


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