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How To Photograph Your Mustache or Beard This Movember and No Shave November

Barber is essential resource for your style

Put down the shaving cream and your razors. It’s Movember – the month where people (yes, men and women!) are encouraged to grow out their mustaches in order to spread awareness and raise funds to further research for men’s health-related issues.

Movember is really similar to No Shave November, which mainly focuses on cancer awareness and prevention. All in all, both initiatives work towards the same goal.

This special month, we at 123RF will be on the lookout for pictures of your beautiful mustaches and beards. With that said, here are a few tips to help take the best photos that give your beard all the attention.

Grooming is key.

Barber applies beard oil with dropper for man in barbarshop.

Snip snip, trim trim. From stubbles to goatees to full-on mutton chops, keep it fresh and clean.

Better yet, apply some oil on your facial hair. Not only does some nice beard oil reduce flyaways and keeps it looking sleek and healthy, it also adds some texture which will give it that extra sheen in pictures that draws all attention to your beards.

Good lighting.

Funny man with long moustache. Bearded man with mustache, bearded gay

No photographer can stress this enough. Lighting is key to a great photo, especially if you want to get the most out of your facial hair.

To properly capture your mustache or beard in all its glory, you need good lighting. The best lighting will be found by a window or an overcast sky during the day.

Avoid direct sunlight as it will wash you out and probably give you a bad sun tan.

Clean background.

 Pipe smoking vintage characteristic senior man with gray hair and beard

It might be tempting to find an interesting background, but doing so might take the focus away from your mustache or beard.

Choose a simple background like a solid-colored wall or a plain landscape. Remove any distractions that might take eyes away from your homegrown organic facial hair.

Know your angles, and pose.

Happy bearded man taking selfie in countryside

Take it from the lads and lasses on social media, they know how to work their best angles to flatter their features.

Here’s a tip: Angle your camera slightly over the eye level to accentuate your jawline, beard lines, mustache, or cheekbones.


 Close up portrait of happy 70-year-old optimist man with smiling wrinkled face

Who said dudes with thick, scruffy manes on their faces could only sport a mean mug and look tough? Some might think that it looks attractive, but it’s actually much more attractive to see masculine, tough-looking guys with a friendly smile.

Relax and smile – everybody loves a kind, happy face!

Flaunt what you grew yourself, and spread the word!

Throughout the month of November, more people post pictures of themselves on social media to promote the campaigns. How might this actually help?

Well, others who are unaware of Movember or No Shave November would get curious as to why James from the marketing department is suddenly growing out his beard wild and big – thereby sparking a conversation.

Happy November, it’s gonna get hairy.

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