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How To Keep Creativity Flowing During The Holidays

Holidays. It’s that time of the year again…

From Thanksgiving dinner to Hanukkah and Christmas celebrations, life gets boring for a lot of creatives during these times – no matter how fun and full of bonding moments they have for families. The truth is, every holiday spree that includes more than three days out of the office tends to snooze the creative bubble inside us. On top of this, everything closes down, no one works while everyone enjoys their well-deserved holiday.

Best Ways To Keep Your Creativity Flowing During The Holidays

In the midst of gatherings with your families, holiday meals and a lot of sleeping and napping, what’s crucial for all creatives is to find the right time and stay on top of their game – planning for the coming year ahead. Below, we are listing our best tips for staying creative this holiday season and keeping your creative juices flowing.

Do Take Some Time Off

Yup, we know this is contradictory to what we’ve just said, but you know what? Working hard in the creative industry is great – there is no doubt about that. However, even the busiest of minds deserve some time off. You don’t want to start a new creative project with a stale, overworked mind.

How To Keep Creativity Flowing During The Holidays

This is why our first round of advice goes in line with taking some time off and forgetting about everything regarding business (and that includes getting rid of your unread emails, notes, swipe files etc.). Believe it or not, some time off will benefit your mind, stretching and relaxing it – not to mention relieving all of the accumulated stress.

Start Taking Notes

Many creatives are open to a variety of stimuli during the holiday season. Switching off from work to leisure, however, won’t switch your brain off (even if you think so) from coming up with new great ideas for next stories, punchlines, songs, dance routines or anything creative that you are doing.

How To Keep Creativity Flowing During The Holidays

Studies have shown that creativity is best stimulated when you take your mind off work. So, the best way to embrace your stimuli is to get a small notebook and write down all the ideas that pop inside your head every once in a while. You’ll see how great your mind can be – even when it is relaxing!

Just Play

Your creativity during the holidays doesn’t have to come from work. You can just play – and make sure to pick the best activities that trigger your creativity – and see what happens. It can be a sketching session with your nephew, a quilt that you want to finish for ages or a logic puzzle that you once bought but never opened. Anything that involves your mind, really.

How To Keep Creativity Flowing During The Holidays

Our tip is to set a timer for 30 minutes or so and see what you will come up with. As you will see, playing with different activities will stretch your brain and therefore keep your creative juices flowing.

Try Out New Things

Another great way to remain creative during the holidays is by seeking out the unexpected. In other words, we recommend you to go out and try new things.

How To Keep Creativity Flowing During The Holidays

For example, go to a restaurant you have never been to before. Attend a party in a different style than the ones you prefer. Listen to new music – or just a random playlist. You’ll be surprised at the hidden gems you might uncover. For the ultimate thrillseekers, go bungee jumping, swimming or hiking. It will open your mind for new ideas while resting it.


Many experts agree that nature is a great catalyst for ideas. For some, it is the best source of inspiration. So, put on your gear and start visiting our incredible mother nature. Everything from hiking trails to landscapes to colors, scents, and sounds will no doubt soothe your mind.

How To Keep Creativity Flowing During The Holidays

P.S. Don’t forget to bring your camera and notebook – to capture all the moments (and ideas arising from them) both on film and on paper!

Brainstorm Your Next Projects

At some point, you will want to brainstorm the next projects that you have at work. Chances are that you won’t have enough time for it when you’re not on holiday.

How To Keep Creativity Flowing During The Holidays

This is why we recommend brainstorming your next projects ahead of time! Specifically, during the holidays – which can turn out to be a great inspiration for your next move. You can fill your notebook with plans and actions – as well as useful notes that can help you in the new year.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Slipping Up

Understandably, you will find it hard to get back on track and on your desk. The truth is, getting back in the groove after the holiday season or a vacation is always tough.

How To Keep Creativity Flowing During The Holidays

So, even if you’ve slipped up, don’t be hard on yourself. Everyone here makes mistakes and no one’s perfect. Just take the time to think about what really happened and go back to your normal routine – as easy as it sounds! That’s one of the best ways to keep your creativity flowing during the holidays.

At the end of the day…

…every living being deserves a break, so don’t forget to breathe deep and do that. Staying motivated, hungry and creative is great – but you should also look forward to the break or get some extra time away from your desk. Again, spending some time with your loved ones can be a great way to relax. All you need to make sure during these days is that your mind keeps working, thinking and as always – making progress.

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