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Have A Dog? Let It Model!

The title is pretty self-explanatory, given what 123RF sells. (Hint: it’s stock photos.) Let your dog become a stock content model for you! Some dogs are photogenic, some are absolutely playful. These pups will show up as a blur because they bounce in and out of the range of your camera. The key is to get them used to you being a shutterbug, and you’ll need to practice patience with their doggy antics. It takes two to tango!

The Flash And Your Dog’s Eyes

Just be mindful about using the camera flash around your sweet pooch’s soulful eyes – some dogs are OK with it, and some are not.

Have A Dog? Let It Model! - 123RF Blog

Quit with the flash!

Some dogs can get irritated or anxious around flashing lights, so it’s best to play it safe with your canine friend. If they growl, move away and avoid your camera, or get intimidated by the flash, stop using it and comfort or distract them for a while with treats or a toy.

Sit And Stay

Your dog needs to have some level of obedience training – the most basic is the ability to sit and stay when instructed. You’ll definitely be grateful for your dog’s training then – photographing a constantly moving canine can be challenging.

Have A Dog? Let It Model! - 123RF Blog

Who’s a good girl?

More Than One Dog Model

Have A Dog? Let It Model! - 123RF Blog

Enjoying the human scenery.

If you’re planning on photographing more than one dog, you might require an assistant or two to help you with some crowd control. It shouldn’t be too difficult with the aid of toys and treats – doggos will never say no to that! Keep in mind not to force young pups to sit still for too long, and allow older dogs to rest often. It’s stressful even for a human to keep still all the time and obey orders, so be kind to your dog models. Are your dog talents strangers? Let them get to know each other and snap some great shots as they engage in friendly tussles.

Have A Dog? Let It Model! - 123RF Blog

Ruff and tuff.

Unposed And Impromptu

All in all, be patient with your furry friend and roll with the punches. Sometimes candid shots are the best with portraying your dog’s true personality! Photographing pets is always fun and will never fail to put a smile on your face. Just like human photography, the lighting plays a big part in how your canine subject appears on camera. Play around with different photography techniques or environments, and explore what works best for your doggo.

Have A Dog? Let It Model! - 123RF Blog

Gotta love this goofy boy.

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