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Grab These Environmental Stock Photos For Your Earth-friendly Projects

Human-caused climate changes. Global warming. Environmental disasters caused by man-made materials. Wildlife across the globe suffering near or mass extinction. Ice in the Arctic melting at a rapid pace. We’re seeing all of these everywhere, and now we can witness major brands leaping into action. From Amazon purchasing electric cars to ecologically enhance their deliveries, to Earth-friendly Patagonia’s products, to name a few. Here are stock photos to help your brand join the eco movement with environmental-themed projects.

Stock Photos That Show The Effects Of Human-made Pollution on Wildlife

Oceans with polluted conditions and trash washing up on once-beautifully clean beaches have horrific effects on marine life. Check out some of the cause and effect concept shots below.

Dirty beaches, with trash scattered all over the sands… images speak a thousand words. Find all of these and more on 123RF. Hint: you can use keywords like environmental pollution, environmental protection and endangered animals.

Sea pollution is definitely a growing environmental issue across the globe. Find all the stock photos you need right here in 123RF’s library. Hint: You can use the keywords ocean pollution, sea pollution and marine pollution to hunt for related stock images in 123RF’s search bar.

Stock Photos On Endangered Wildlife

Forest fires, toxic water pollution, trash-dumping, right down to the constant production and use of plastic all contribute to harming our environment. Whether it’s marine mammals, deep sea creatures or forest dwelling animals, us humans are responsible for preventing their extinction. Search for conceptual stock photos on wildlife species that are swiftly becoming endangered due to our careless actions.

Hint: Use the keywords endangered animals, endangered wildlife, endangered wildlife species or endangered <insert animal name> to run a search on our photo collection.

More Conceptual Stock Photos On Our Environment

There are many things we can do to save our environment and prevent harmful conditions from occurring. Among them are popular methods like recycling and reducing our carbon footprint through carpooling or purchasing and using less plastic products. Movements like zero waste, Earth Hour and recently, Zero Hour, have sprung up and been widely followed by nations across the globe. Click the links in the paragraph above to find all these photography concepts and more in 123RF’s vast stock content library.

In search of more visual inspiration? Explore plenty of talented stock photographers in our featured artists right here.


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