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Free Stock Photos: Hand In Hand

123RF Free stock photo
123RF Free stock photo

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Born in Bologna, Italy, Rido’s first involvement in stock photography came about 7 years ago. He started with shooting simple still life works isolated on white backgrounds but soon realized that working with people and models was what attracted him most. The creation of stories and concepts based on the various environments he was exposed to while shooting provided him with the thrill of being a photographer.

123RF Contributor Stock Photo-Rido

“At that time, stock photography was a good possibility in bringing home the bacon.” he laughs. But now it has given him more meat than he expected especially the freedom of creativity and time. Even though his collection is quite varied, Rido’s forte lies in business and lifestyle shots  and it can clearly be seen under his 123RF profile.

With his camera in hand, Rido focuses on a clean and balanced vision in every capture, channeling the inner voice of his surroundings to create the kind of imagery he desires, more like a “stylistic treat”. His words. Amazing.

123RF Contributor Stock Photo-Rido
123RF Contributor Stock Photo-Rido

So how does he get inspired? Through solid, old-fashioned research – flipping through magazines, adverts, or the works of his favorite contributors. Other times the inspiration stems from studying a particular concept and printing it as an image or out of the blue while shooting. And that’s no surprise coming from a country so rich in history, art and beauty.

123RF Contributor Stock Photo-Rido

The sky’s the limit for Rido, and he hopes his works will do the same for you.


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