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Full-time photography did not come naturally to Contributor Jacek Chabraszewski but one thing that did was his love and passion for the hobby. And it was no surprise since this youngster grew up with a father who was an army military photographer.

Through his self-owned computer service firm, he discovered microstock sites such as 123RF that provided him with an avenue to upload some of his shots “just for fun” under the screen name – gbh007. The quality of his work led to great interest from buyers and that was enough of a push for this Polish photographer, leading to the exchange of a briefcase for a camera bag.

Hailing from the beautiful, mountainous city of Jelenia Góra, Jacek finds most of his inspiration from his green surroundings which explains his sport, lifestyle and food focused collection. But what truly challenges him are motion shoots where every shot is unpredictable and a bit of a surprise,much like a sweet cherry at the bottom of a melting bowl of ice cream.

When not busy snapping away, Jacek can be found biking with his kids around the valley or cooking up a feast in the kitchen – both for his photo library and hearty appetite.


His comment: “I turned things that give me joy into a real business.” We agree.


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