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Fourth Of July Design Elements You Can Use For Anything

Going all out for an Independence Day event? From your outfit to your nails and posters or banners, we’ve got you covered. Also – hot dogs. Fun fact: According to an article by Mental Floss, Americans have been estimated to consume about 150 million hot dogs on the Fourth of July. That’s more than a LOT of hot dogs – enough to feed several villages in the Philippines for a while.

Put A Pattern On It!

Add a little punch to your designs with patterns in red, blue and white. You can still play around with the shades of these three colors. Get creative with your placements – did you know you can rotate or flip your patterns the way you want them to suit your visuals?

Go Vintage

What we’re really celebrating is the historical event that freed America and made it the independent country it is today. So why not make use of retro or vintage styles in your Fourth of July design? Get creative and slide these styles into your posters, banners, party invites, or event cards to stay on trend.

Make It Isometric

A trend that has since evolved from the fabulously flat design into 3D – now with gradients, another trend on the rise in 2019 – the isometric style is still making waves. Throughout spring and summer, this design trend will continue to change the designscape with its versatility. Use this as a base for your animations and motion graphics.

Inspire With An Infographic

Are infographics dead? Some static styles – yes. But with the rise of adding a little motion into your infographics to make them dynamic, we’re seeing a lot more of them taking over visual marketing. While video is set to be the main point of content drive, what better way to get your brand’s message across in a more creative manner? Especially if you have a lot of data that would otherwise be boring in a video – dynamic infographics are the way to go.

Give these ideas a go for your Fourth of July visuals and creative efforts. Explore more on combining photos with vector illustrations for an extra boost in your marketing designs.

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