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Exploring Modern Day Family Dynamics With Stock Photos

What makes a modern family? Is it having a Kardashian-like reality TV series built around your family drama? Maybe. But it’s not everyone who has the luxury and privilege to splash the cash like there’s no tomorrow. So how do you capture a modern family? Here are some examples below to navigate through the daily family dynamics in 2019, via stock photography.

LGBTQ+ parents

The LGBTQ+ community have been wrongly stereotyped in the past. However, in recent times, we’ve slowly starting to see some change. The queer community are slowly gaining the freedom to live their lives and step out in public, without fear. As a result, we’ve seen more LGBTQ+ parents heading out and spending time with their kids, like any other modern day family would too.

Grandparents love

There’s something about grandparents. It’s their warm, comforting, unconditional love that has us all warm and fuzzy inside. After all, how do you resist grandma’s cooking and grandpa’s bedtime stories? With modern day family dynamics being altered, thanks to both parents choosing to pursue their careers and expensive day care options, the time is now for grandparents to move in and spend time the little ones. Although, its important to not take advantage of them and constrict their lives to the boundaries of the house.

Stay home dads

Rewind 20 years ago and this category would draw huge backlash from the audience. Back then, it would be safe to say that stay home dads would be almost taboo-like. In 2019 though, things are a little different. The modern day family dynamics allows for fathers to take on unconventional roles and raise their kids. So, what’s for lunch, dad?

Millennial moms

Here it is, the ‘m’ word’. However, what sets millennial moms apart? For one, they’re a lot more technology-dependent. So expect plenty of usage of apps in their daily lives, including e-hailing and food delivery for their family. As for millennial moms, they’re also a lot more inclined to travel, that too with a little one!

Multiracial families

A multiracial family is almost ever-present in modern day families. This is because many people are taking the opportunity to explore the world and travel to new surroundings. Add to that, the rise of apps which help break language barriers, the possibilities are endless for every couple out there. And that’s precisely what makes a millennial family incredibly unique!

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