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Earn Money from Drawtober Art or Drawlloween Creations

If you have ever asked yourself the question, “how can I make money from my art?” this may provide a pathway for you to earn money from your art online. October is almost upon us, and if you’re an artist, aspiring or otherwise, you may be getting excited about the next 31-day art challenge. Whether you’re doing the Drawlloween, Drawtober or Inktober art challenge, they are uniquely promoting freedom of creativity. Despite the lack of rewards, there is still plenty of incentive for artists to take part.

When your art becomes a source of income, you can sometimes forget to indulge just for the fun of it. Therefore, these art challenges serve as an excellent reminder of the reasons you started creating art in the first place. Similarly, for those looking to expand their art or design business, Drawtober or Drawlloween opens possibilities for improving your social media engagement. It also boosts efforts in building traffic to your blog, or expanding your portfolio. Here are a few ideas and benefits to get you started.

Add More Images to Your Stock Image Profiles

Sell your Drawtober art or Drawlloween art on 123RF.

Giraffe in a mask illustrated in ink by Serafima Manekina.

Earn money from Drawtober art or Drawlloween creations on our platform.

You can do whatever you like with your original artistic creations, including selling them online. Every time someone buys your image, you receive a commission. Learn more about submitting your artwork here. These art events run for 31 days, so consider it a challenge to add 31 unique images to your portfolio. Here are other ways you can improve and benefit from your original artwork following a month of Drawtober art prompts:

Build Recognition

The unfortunate side effect of commissioned work is that artists are busy following the creative direction of others. On the other hand, these art challenges provide an incentive for you to try different styles you otherwise wouldn’t. It’s a safe space that allows you an excuse to explore your more creative side. By trying different art styles for Drawtober and Drawlloween, you can promote your work on social media to reach more clients who might not yet be aware of your versatility.

Build Traffic to Your Website

Earn Money from Drawtober Art or Drawlloween Creations on 123RF.
Earn Money from Drawtober Art or Drawlloween Creations - 123RF Blog.

Art illustrated by Mariia Zabaikina.

Run a quick Google search and you’ll see Drawtober and Inktober hashtags have tremendous traction on all social media platforms. Moreover, you can use as many sites as you like to post your Drawtober creations. With millions of people worldwide searching for Inktober or Drawtober creations, many will head to the creator’s website to see more of an artist they like. Quite a few of them will be website owners looking for stock image content they can purchase and use online. Linking out to your stock image portfolio will generate a lot of extra interest and help you make money with Drawlloween or Drawtober art.

Create Merchandise

Likewise, if you don’t feel like following a specific set of themes from any virtual art challenge, come up with your own. You can create exciting and unique art bling by featuring your work on mugs, t-shirts, stationery, and printables. Unique t-shirt designs are highly sought after, and the custom t-shirt print-on-demand industry has blown up in the last few years. Artists worldwide are using print-on-demand services to earn money with art online, and anybody can do it. Head on over to online stores like Etsy and Zazzle to explore options for gaining more exposure for your artwork. Submitting your work to stock libraries like 123RF can help you earn money and create your own art portfolio.

To sum it up, October is an exciting and inspirational yet challenging month for artists. You don’t have to create a new piece every day. Most importantly, the main point is feeling accomplished once you complete a self-set challenge. Practice makes perfect! However, if you are up for it, you will find many new opportunities providing new income streams to help you make money with Drawtober art, Inktober and Drawlloween and beyond.

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