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Create Content Easier With Our 2020 Seasonal Calendar

Wondering what to create? By following our 2020 seasonal calendar, you don’t have to spend too much time racking your brains for the right designs or photos to create. Use it as a general guide when in the process of planning out the schedule of your content creations. But if you’re looking to make your content stand out from the sea of digital assets available in our library, here are some of my tips below.

Think about buyers’ needs and motivations

While there’s no right or wrong technique to doing this, keep in mind that buyers wants and needs will fluctuate. There will be a lot of factors coming in to play here, and the search keywords will vary from month to month and year to year. For example, let’s say in 2014 the top searched fitness-related keyword was six-pack. Of course there would be a decent number of images centering around that topic. But in 2019, maybe the top searched keyword would be body positivity. All these are relevant to trends factored from current worldwide news and movements. It’s important to stay current and keep yourself in the loop to create the type of content you know there’s a market for.

That being said, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t create images that aren’t currently trending. It just means there’s a slightly lower chance of it being purchased unless a buyer is specifically looking for it. Let’s get into that. Producing creative content for smaller and more niche topics will be a much easier feat than in large ones. In short, you just need to figure out which topics lack a good quantity on 123RF and create content for those.

How do you tell what’s very popular or what’s lacking in content?

Check out this article here where I go in depth into content creation and how to dominate in a certain topic or keyword. And of course, follow our 2020 seasonal calendar down below that tells you of the trending events or celebrations this year.

2020 seasonal calendar

Go ahead and bookmark this page, save the calendar to your drive, or share it with your creative circle. Hope it helps you with creating 😉 And if you aren’t already submitting your creative work to 123RF, why not sign up as a contributor and earn on the side?

Create Content Easier With Our 2020 Seasonal Calendar - 123RF blog

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