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Create Comics Effect (SuperHero Edition)

If you love comic books, you might want to know how you can convert ordinary pictures into comic style images! Using the Path Masking tool, some blending options and filters like the Film Grain and Halftone Pattern, transforming someone into a comic book character is just minutes away! Experiment with your own photos and get surprising results.

Step 1 Open the image and then duplicate the background layer by clicking CTRL+J.

Original Image – Image ID: 3514494 © Anonymous

Step 2 To trace out the hero and his costume, press P to switch to the Pen Tool. Make sure it is set on Paths and Add to Path Area (+). Click to place an anchor point and go around the image. Close the entire path when you are done. (By using the Pen tool, you can “save” the shape you are doing, fill or stroke it. The edges of your selection will also be smooth, with no jagged pixel edges).

Step 3 When you are done tracing the area, go to Window > Paths. Then hold the CTRL key and click on the Path Palette as below.

Alternatively, you can right click to access Make Selections. A small pop-up dialogue box will appear. Set the Feather Radius and make sure the anti-aliased box is selected.

Step 4 Go to Select > Feather to make the selection softer.

Select Feather Radius as:

Step 5 Next, go to Layer Palette > Add Layer Mask.

Step 6 To see the results of Step 4, create a new blank layer and fill it with a color you want. Then drag it under the Background Copy layer.

Step 7 Now is the comic part. Remember to select the Background Copy Layer, then go to Filter > Artistic > Film Grain and select the values as below :

Apply another filter to enhance the comic feel. Go to Filter > Sketch > Halftone Pattern and set the values as below:

Step 8 Set the Blending Mode: Multiply. Now you will see something like this.

Step 9 To spice things up, I wish to create an outline stroke to the character. Follow the steps below: 1) Hold on the CTRL key, and click on the layer mask to make selection. 2) Go to Select > Modify > Expand. A pop-up dialogue box will appear. Set the Expand by: 5 pixels 3) Create a new blank layer and fill the color by clicking Alt + Backspace. Then drag Layer 2 above Layer 1 (Red Layer).

Step 10 Double click on Layer 2 to enter Blending Options or right click the layer to choose Blending Options. I want to create a shadow for the stroke, let’s see the suitable Drop Shadow values:

Step 11 Now for the background, press U to choose a custom shape (Rectangular Target 2) as below:

Change the Blending Mode: Overlay, Opacity: 25%.

Step 12 Press M and select Elliptical Marquee Tool to make a selection like this:

Go to Select > Inverse or press Ctrl+Shift+I to invert the selection. Next go to Select > Feather > Feather Radius: 170 pixels.

Go Layer Palette and create a New Filter Adjustment Layer: Curves

Step 13 Go to the Layer Palette again. Create a New Filter Adjustment Layer: Gradient Map to enhance the background color.

After that, set the Blending Mode: Pin Light, Opacity: 50%

Step 14 Now for the text, choose a comic-look-alike font and create a name for your Super Hero. Press T to type.

Step 15  To create an impact on the text, double click on the text layer or right click the layer to choose Blending Options.

Step 16 You can now add some creative effects to your text using the Warping Text options.

Step 17 In order to further enhance the text and to make it look more lively, you’ll need to go to the Blending Options again.

Step 18 And if you want to add some dry brush effects to the background, this is how: 1) Duplicate a new Red Layer and place it on top of Layer 1 (original Red Layer). 2) Press B and choose the Dry Brush option. 3) Set Blending Mode: Color, Opacity: 40%. Start brushing the background.

Step 18 After that, change the layer Blending Mode: Overlay, Opacity: 75%

Step 19 For the final step, I would like to apply a white border to the image. Press U, and choose a custom shape:

Remember to place the shape on the top of all the layers.

And that’s it, the Final Output!

Before & After

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