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Create A Hand Drawn Text Effect

Basically this is a very simple tutorial on how to create a hand drawn text on foggy window. We can use this text effect on certain image and send it as a Greeting Card!

Here we have the images used:

Rain drops on glassy surface: 3361109 © serge75

 Ghost face: 3871994 © Edyta Line

 Graveyard: 5789897 © Dirck Ercken

Step 1

Duplicate the layer.

Step 2

Paste the background image, name it as Scene1. Then set Blending Mode to Screen.

Step 3

Then paste the ghost image ( Scene2 ) on top of Scene1. Transform it to the size and shape that you like.

Change the blending mode to Overlay ya so that we can get transparent effect while keeping the water drops. Next, erase the darkground by masking.

Step 4

Merge the Scene1 and Scene2 layers. Adjust the blending mode to Screen.

Step 5

Go to Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur, set the radius = 5pixels.

Step 6

Now create a new blank layer as Text. Place the Text layer below the Scene1 layer.

Here, I am using freehand instead of fonts. This will create a more natural hand writing effect.

Next, draw some drops through the text as if the water drops were running down on the window.

Put the blending mode to Soft Lights.

Step 7

Use Brush (B) with soft hardness and light opacity to paint white around the mouth area so that we can create vapor. After that, set the layer opacity to 70%.

Done! We can enhance the photo by adjusting the layers, and also we can add on rain drop effects hitting the window.

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