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Create A Frozen And Burnt Face

Using a mixture of simple techniques, we are going to blend 2 different elements to a face. By adding minor details like Icicles and Melting Plastics, we are able to portray an extreme freezing effect on one side, and give a blazing hot effect to the other.

Before & After:

I’ve found these sets of images that would help enhance the outcome I have in mind.

Vector - broken glass cracks and spider

Image ID: 266347 © Nikolajs Strigins

Part 1: Creating a Shade that will work as a Displacement Map

First and foremost, open your face image and duplicate a layer.

De-saturate the layer (Image > Adjustments > Desaturate).

Part 2 : Creating Frozen Effect

At this point, I’ve decided to add on more cracks on the face by importing another 2 textures (both of which are from the same image but adjusted to different sizes and brightness – #4285088).

1)Start off by De-saturating the textures. Using Selective Color, I’ve also removed a vast amount of black from the upper texture to reveal more skin color. Set its blend mode to Multiply.

2)For the texture covering the lips, use Overlay blend mode.

Before proceeding, be sure to group those textures together for easy reference (Ctrl + G).

Part 3 : Creating Frozen Skin Color

Select layer1’s mask (Ctrl + Click) and add a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer (Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation). Tick Colorize and set Hue: 205, Saturation: 12, Lightness: 0.

Part 4 : Adding Frost to Eyebrows

1)Draw a selection on the brow of background layer and duplicate it (Ctrl + J). 2)De-saturate the layer 3)Invert the area (Ctrl + I) 4)Double click the layer to access Blending Option (Edit the gray slider within blending option – hold alt to split and drag the sliders. Drag around until most of the black are removed). 5)Click on the masking icon (or go to Layer > Layer mask > Reveal all). Mask it using same grunge brush. 6)Result.

Part 5 : Brushing Frozen Skin Color

Part 6 : Brushing Hair Color

Part 7 : Creating The Frozen Eye



1) Set blend mode to Multiply. Mask so that the texture is only in the eye.

2) Use Hue/Saturation (Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation: check “Colorize”, set Saturation to 65) to change the lines to red.

3) Create a new layer above your cracked texture and set it to “Overlay”. With a soft round brush paint white in the white part of the eye and paint a very light pale blue in the iris of the eye.

Part 8 : Creating Icicles

Group the layers and mask the right side clean for the next effect. Hide the freezing effects for now.

Part 9 : Creating Burnt Effect

Part 10 : Creating Burnt Scars

Part 11 : Skin Peeling Effect

Proceed to the forehead and add in skin-peels using the above method.

Part 12 : Brushing Burnt Skin Color

Part 13 : Adjusting Hair Color

Part 14 : Adding Sparks of Flame

Add in backgrounds that suits the nature of each side. For my final image, I’ve decided to add in an icy terrain to the frozen side and a volcanic lava image on the burnt side. This is it:

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