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Content Creation With January Trending Keywords

Are you wondering what sort of stock content to produce? What are buyers really looking for? We hear you, and we’ve compiled the trending keywords for the month of January. Check out the data down below.

January Trending Keywords:

Valentine’s Day

(love, romantic, roses)

Gorgeous women with balloons

female hand and bouquet of red roses with ribbon for st valentines day holiday isolated on white

Prepare for February, the month of romance where the angel Cupid flies around polishing his bow and arsenal of love arrows. Spread these keywords into your submitted content to help with getting your photos and vector illustrations to the first page of search results. Wondering what to create? Think of banners, posters, and sales promotional material that marketers and small business owners will be using for commerce.

Chinese New Year

(Chinese New Year patterns, Year of the Rat, Chinese New Year greeting)

December 2019: Trending Keywords - 123RF Blog

December 2019: Trending Keywords - 123RF Blog

December 2019: Trending Keywords - 123RF Blog

Want to be super prepped and ready for Chinese New Year in 2020? Since it’s taking place towards the end of January, it’s best to get your content pieces uploaded now. So prepare for banners, backgrounds and invites, with a strong focus on lanterns, mandarins, cookies and the color red! Plus – it’s the Year of the Rat, so any relevant designs will be a big boost to your stock portfolio.


(monograms, alphabets, gothic letters)

Hard Rock gothic calligraphy, rock-music hand lettering typography, biker t-shirt emblem. Vector

K letter colorful antique gothic initial logo.

Is it the season of typefaces? The god of trends seem to be heading in that direction based on our top content search results. Are you able create vector gothic lettering like Kat Von D’s world famous makeup packaging? Major yes. (Even if gothic lettering isn’t your thing, it’s cool. Upload your content and let your unique design sense shine.) Personalized name lettering is in, and we’re totally buying into the hype.

Other notable events of the season you can consider are beauty, fitness, spring and holidays in India. Be it photos or vector illustrations, get creative with your artistic ideas to fit these January trending keywords. Overall, be mindful of the quality of your content to ensure good sales. Think about what buyers would want to purchase and what they’ll be using it for. Stay tuned for our compilation of February’s trending keywords next month.

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