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Content Creation With February Trending Keywords

Welcome back to our monthly keyword curation guide in February where we list out a set of top trending keywords to assist you to prepare for the month of April (and a little bit of May), where we explore the trends for Ramadan, Easter, Earth Day and Mother’s day. So let’s get started!


(ramadan kareem, eid, eid mubarak)

April 2nd marks the beginning of the month of Ramadan this year. It is an important religious observance in Islam and is widely celebrated by Muslims all over the world. Thus, marketers and advertisers alike will focus on this topic and start hunting for Ramadan related contents as early as February.

Eid mubarak and turquoise arabesque

Arabic lantern with burning candle


We see the trend picking up in March and reaching a peak in April. Popular contents with high searches and downloads include Ramadan background with traditional Arabic lanterns (top of the list), minimal greeting card designs with a mosque, crescent and Arabic text wishing Eid Mubarak.



(happy easter, easter bunny, easter background)

Now is also an eggcellent time to start preparing Easter contents. Make sure they’re uploaded and ready by March or April. This is because both months show the biggest jump in searches and downloads regarding Easter contents. As much as tripling the amount from February! Knowing this, it’s an opportunity that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss.

Easter composition. Decorated pastel Easter eggs on yellow background copy space border

Easter rabbit with lilac in vase on white background

Happy Easter text sign on stylish easter eggs with spring flower

As Easter coincides with spring, most of its symbols are refreshing and fun. In our data analysis we can see that Easter eggs steal the spotlight for being the most popular content here, it could be in a flat lay, it could be accompanied by spring flowers or fresh grass, covered in beautifully painted patterns and don’t forget to add the iconic Easter bunny too.


Earth Day

(earth, earth day, world, globe)

This annual event celebrated on April 22 is a global movement with more than 1 billion participants in 192 countries each year. Therefore this figure itself provides a great reason for you to start creating and uploading Earth Day contents. Not only will this help increase your portfolio visibility but also to gain new and potential clients.

hand holding glass globe ball with tree growing and green nature

Cute Asian child planting young tree on the black soil


Highly sought after Earth Day contents include hand (or hands) holding a globe against bokeh background, glass globe with a tree growing and image of earth conveying sustainability and environment conservation concepts.


Mother’s Day

(happy mother’s day, mother daughter, mother’s day background)

From large corporations to small businesses to personal usage, every level of our society looks forward to celebrating Mother’s Day. Thus it isn’t a surprise that contributors everywhere start preparing for this event months earlier. In addition we see the search and download numbers increasing at an alarming rate in April. Similarly it will continue on to May and come to an abrupt drop in June. Time is of essence here so plan this out nicely to reap the best results!

Portrait of stylish cute attractive charming mother and daughter

top view of carnation on pink for mothers day

Head shot portrait of African American mother received gift from daughter

Content wise, the trending images are often filled with beautiful pink flowers from carnations to tulips to roses. Loving mother and daughter depictions are top on the ranks too, most of them holding a card with a heart or a small bunch of flowers.


Now that you’ve got a glimpse of what’s to come we hope this can better equip you for the months ahead! Other significant observances that you can add to your portfolio for April are contents such as World Health Day, Spring and Summer related images, graphics and vectors. So there you have it, our scoop for the month! Tune in again next month for more tips and ideas on contents to upload.

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