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Color of 2022: How To ‘Very Peri’ Your Life

Lo and behold, Pantone has unveiled its 2022 Color of The Year, Very Peri! As its name suggests, Very Peri, or PANTONE 17-3938, is a warm and confident greeting of dynamic periwinkle blue with violet-red undertones.

Celebrating how our lives have changed pandemic-wise and how it pushed our creativity to break boundaries. Pantone’s color experts dug deep into their color palettes to select one that perfectly encapsulates the “carefree confidence” and “daring curiosity” the world witnessed from the past two years.

Introducing 17-3938 ‘Very Peri’

“Encompassing the qualities of the blues, yet at the same time possessing a violet-red undertone, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expression.” – Pantone.

The Pantone Color of The Year is a color trend forecast for consumers. This forecast would mean that many brands use it as a guide to picking colors for their consumer products, marketing campaigns, and product creation.

Here are some stunning examples of how to best utilize the trending color of the year.

#1 Fashion and Beauty

How well is Pantone’s Very Peri going to translate to the fashion and beauty industry, you ask? The versatility of the industry allows them to move from one trending color to another quickly! We’ve seen the trends and styles circulate from era to era; color is no different.

Leaning away from the earthy tones and ‘less is more’ vibe that dominated the beauty industry for the past two years, this year’s fun shade of periwinkle adds a touch of futurism and imagination. Think more glittery statements or matte finishes for the eyes and nails.

There are countless ways to incorporate Very Peri into your business. Some brands created limited edition colorways of their signature designs based on Pantone’s curated colors.

#2 Very Peri Your Interiors

Pantone’s Color of The Year influences more than just the fashion and beauty industry. Each year’s selections make a wave through homes and the minds of interior designers. After all, designers love using color to liven up a space.

Too much of one color would be overwhelming, and for a color as bold as Very Peri, the execution must be calculated carefully. One of the best ways to use Very Peri would be as an accent color – on pillows, quilt covers, vases.

Adding the dynamic fusion of red-violet and blue hue into a kitchen space can encourage creativity and experimentation – something always welcomed in the art of cooking! Using wallpaper to revamp kitchen counters and surfaces can be a low commitment to incorporating different textures, materials, and Very Peri.

With the practice of using LED lights to illuminate interiors trending, look out for ambient lighting in Very Peri too!

#3 Graphic & Web Design

Weaving in and out of a virtual space in the past two years with many notable breakthrough technological advancements, Very Peri is a symbol of our transformative time in both the digital and physical world, and of course, in graphic and web design.

Pantone’s color experts can be said to influence the language of design. Colors are a staple in graphic and web design, and according to color psychology, it has qualities that affect our mood and perception.

Very Peri, created with groundbreaking technological advancements in mind, is only appropriate to be used on a landing page for blockchain technology.

This 3D rendering of a beauty podium uses shades reminiscent of Very Peri to create a calm and dreamy atmosphere. Perfect for advertising and displaying products.

With its carefree quality, Very Peri is fitting for any product design that strives to relay fun, youth, and appeal to a younger audience.

#4 Periwinkle Product Packaging and Design

For globally recognized brands, special editions of your current products in Very Peri might be a fun and engaging way to keep loyal customers entertained. 

Pantone’s Color of the Year doesn’t always blow up to the same extent. Some years’ colors perform better than others. Nevertheless, expect to see many product packaging and consumer products from beauty and fashion to the sport and fitness industry come out in the new Very Peri colorway! 

To Creativity and Imagination

With the past two years behind us, and a new year ahead, colors symbolic of our resilience and fortitude are crucial to remind us of how far we’ve come. Now, with a creative and imaginative boost, we’re all geared up to fight more battles!

Check out our compilation of mesmerizing Very Peri footage here:


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