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Celebrate The Season of Love With Our Valentine’s Collection

February 14th marks the Feast of Saint Valentine. It’s a well-known holiday that generates a lot of worldwide buzz, especially for couples. In our modern day celebrations, cue a tradition of chocolates. Add in the language of flowers – usually of the rosy kind. Think rose petals decorating chocolate, gift boxes or cards. A celebration of colors with deep reds, soft pinks, and also quite a lot of bling – mostly with jewelry. Combine that with whispers of sweet nothings and the promise of romance. All of these signify love and good feelings for Valentine’s Day every February.

Here are a few interesting facts about Valentine’s Day:

♥ We use roses, particularly red ones to signify love, even now, since the ancient Greeks did. Red roses symbolize passion and beauty. A darker red signifies a blooming love, and bright red shows romance.

♥ Ever wondered why the angel Cupid is so often used as a symbol for Valentine’s Day? According to history, he was called Eros by the Greeks and was the God of Love. Renaissance artists portrayed him as a mischievous cherub in their paintings, and the image of him stuck with most people until this day and age.

♥ Chocolates have always been a classic Valentine’s gift. The origins of how this sweet treat came to be used to symbolize romance stems from the Victorian era, where men instinctively knew the way to a woman’s heart was giving chocolate.

Aside from being touted as a Hallmark-y tradition, it’s also a pretty booming business. Studies show that it’s not just couples, but teachers and co-workers who receive gifts for Valentine’s too. People all over the world send and receive cards, candy and jewelry on this special day. That said, as millions of cards are being sent round the globe; that calls for good design and marketing.

Celebrate the season of love with our curated stock content collection, specially selected for this special occasion.

Explore our photography collection and unleash your creativity with shots that symbolize romance.

Discover our likebox of vector illustrations to spark inspiration for designing Valentine-worthy works of art.

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Add some musical tracks in to accompany your video message. Influence your target market with the right audio track to help your brand spark emotion.

Celebrate The Season of Love With Our Valentine's Collection
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