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Canon & 123RF “Money In Focus” 2014 Roadshow Conference


What a HIT!

We have just concluded our 2nd Contributor Conference in Thailand and guess how many people turned up for it?

1000, along with some impromptu turnouts!

Some brought their kids, some brought their significant others, while the majority came alone but all of them brought home something valuable after each roadshow conference – Knowledge.

The Roadshows cum Conferences were organized and coordinated by one of the largest advertising agency in Thailand – Delphys Hakuhodo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Canon and 123RF were both invited to take part in this exciting event as the main event sponsor and co-sponsor respectively.


Throughout the period from January 19 to March 9, 2014 the Roadshow Conferences were conducted across 7 weekends. Approximately 1,000 Canon enthusiasts as well as 123RF Contributors who resided in the major Thai provinces  of Chonburi, Pitsanulok, Udornthani, Konkaen, Chiangmai, Phuket, and Korat attended the events.


VenueAttendees19 Jan 2014ChonburiBurapa University, TaweehomAuditorium, Science Institute18026 Jan 2014PitsanulokRuenpae Hotel,Grand Ballroom,1209 Feb 2014UdornthaniRatchapak University, Auditorium 2F, Cultural Building.Udornthani15016 Feb 2014KonkaenMorakot 2,Busarakam hotel,Konkaen6823 Feb 2014ChiangMaiArt Faculty,Chiangmai University1802 Mar 2014PhuketGrand Hall,Ratchapak University,Phuket1759 Mar 2014KoratMass communication Faculty,Wongchawalit University97Total Attendees970

Together with Canon, 123RF conducted informative seminars on how enthusiasts are able to generate an alternative stream of supplemental income with Canon’s range of imaging products such as Canon’s EOS dSLR Cameras and EF lenses. 123RF’s segment of the conference with the theme “Money In Focus” was presented by our very own Creative Manager, Isaac Phoo who was the keynote speaker during the roadshows. Isaac spoke primarily on the Whys and Hows of contributing stock content to


The sessions educated the audience about stock photography and how they can monetize them with 123RF. One of the speakers – Khun Note spoke about the basics of stock photography and a step-by-step guide on the image uploading process on the 123RF site. At the end of every roadshow, most were fascinated and inspired by how they can use imaging devices to gain monetary benefits, but it was thanks to Canon’s involvement during the event that attracted many photo enthusiasts in the first place.

Canon – as the one stop solution for photographers providing both cameras and printers, was able to build better awareness and provide vital product information during the event. There were many newbies who were encouraged by how one does not necessarily require an expensive camera in stock photography. Even one of Canon’s low-spec, high-quality cameras come at a reasonable price that further opened up photographic horizons. It’s no wonder then that they remain the firm favorite in the camera industry among South East Asia.


Overall, the talks were successful and educational. And the figures don’t lie, as we recorded a whopping 160% increase in image contributors and 126% increase in images contributed after the event. We foresee a long-lasting partnership with Canon and many more events to come! Watch this space and see you at the next conference!

Till our next event, look out for updates=)

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