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Bestselling Stock Content For The Month of March 2019

We’ve gathered data on the bestselling royalty-free stock content for March 2019. Compiled below in their respective Likeboxes, we bring you 123RF’s bestselling stock content: photos, vectors, footage, and audio.

Bestselling Stock Content: Photos

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March’s top stock downloads saw women empowerment-themed images as one of the favorites for the month. Family-themed images were another major theme of March’s top downloads. Additionally, the great outdoors was another major addition for the month.

Bestselling Stock Content: Vectors

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Similarly, the trend for the top stock downloads trickled down into the vectors section. The month of March featured Women’s Day vectors. These illustrations were adapted from greeting cards and poster templates. Furthermore, with spring here, this inspiration also made its way into the top vector downloads for the month of March.

Bestselling Stock Content: Footage

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Corporate culture footage were strongly evident in March’s video clip bundle. These footage focused on aspects like team building and new cutting edge technology for businesses. Footage showcasing the great outdoors were also one of the month’s top downloads. Additionally, a couple of cityscapes footage also made its way into the highest downloads for March.

Bestselling Stock Content: Audio

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In the month of March, upbeat commercial audio clips were popular downloads. Acoustic guitar tracks were also in demand, along with jazz tunes. Meanwhile, hip-hop tracks were fun additions to March’s downloads.

Stick around for the next month’s compilation of bestselling stock content! Furthermore, if you’re looking for our bestsellers from the past months, check out our archive of top stock content.

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