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Best Selling Stock Photos/Vectors Nov 2014

Wow! Thanksgiving just came and went like a puff of smoke and we barely had time to breathe with all the feasting and merrymaking! While you are digesting that delicious turkey dinner you just had, do take a moment and give thanks for the little pleasures that life brings – that year-end bonus, your child’s laughter, money for presents or even just being ALIVE and well!

This November, our bestsellers certainly have lots to be thankful about, especially for the immense support from our dear readers. Yes, YOU! After all, without you guys, these toppers will remain buried under a stockpile. So hats off everyone! =) Having said that, we are also thankful for…

Boundless Imagination

Backgrounds Like These

Warm & Toasty Memories

As Many Icons As You Need

Even Flattened!

Infographics To Simplify Things

Retro Comeback

Technology! *Tears Of Joy*

Vector - Business technology bubble speech template style

Phew..that’s some list! But let’s not forget to thank our stock footage and royalty free music chums for entertaining our visual and auditory senses all this time!

Click below to view the Top Credit Stock Photos

Click below to view the Top Subscription Stock Photos

Click below to view the Top Stock Footage

Click here to listen to the Top Royalty Free Music

Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays!


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