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August Trending Topics: What Buyers Are Looking For

What are the August trending topics that buyers are looking for on 123RF’s library? Whether you are a photographer or digital artist, your work can help thousands of content creators out there with their creations in boosting health and safety awareness in light of this year’s Covid-19 outbreak.

Discover what buyers are looking for in 123RF’s August trending topics down below.

Online Education

Image by Jozef Polc, 123RF.

With most of the public still adhering to preventive measures, a high majority of schools have set their education systems to the online sphere. According to studies by Purdue University, there are more than 6 million students enrolled in online learning as part of their education program. That’s a huge chunk of target audience there, and the creative opportunities are endless! If you can think of different ideas to portray students learning via digital devices, having Zoom classes, and giving online presentations, by all means we welcome your creative submissions to our library.

Home Country Traveling

Image by clickandphoto, 123RF.

Now, global statistics indicate that interstate traveling within your home country is a far more viable option than attempting international trips. Despite every airlines’ efforts to market tons of slashed prices and promotional offers, domestic travel remains one of the most popular choices now on traveler destinations. Images that portray this new normal remain the top searched content on 123RF.


Image by Unai Huici 123RF.

Visuals that capture the essence of the new normal we are all adjusting to are sought after, particularly in beauty and wellness industries. From hair salons and barber shops timidly re-opening, relevant images of these physical services adopting the new preventive measures are widely searched for in our library. With some countries staging rules where face masks should be worn when present in public, relevant visuals are especially important and highly sought after.

Muslim celebrations

Image by Agus Supriyatna, 123RF.

With the upcoming Hari Raya Kurban on its way, Muslims are looking forward to celebrating this special festivities despite the current pandemic. Also known as Eid-Qurban or ‘The Festival of the Sacrifice’, this celebration is one of the two major Islamic holidays celebrated annually on a global scale. Photos and vectors that follow this specific theme are among the highly searched content on 123RF for August.

Malaysia Day

Image by ferli, 123RF.

A public holiday celebrated yearly on the 16th of September, Malaysia Day commemorates the formation of the Malaysian Federation in 1963. Banners, posters, illustrations and photos that celebrate this festive occasion are some of the top searched content in our library of stock. As a general idea, think of Malaysian flags to display patriotism, or images with Malaysia’s harmonious multi-racial community celebrating this joyous occasion.

Are you a content creator?

We always look forward to your artistic creations! Submit your creative work and earn passive income by beefing up your portfolio in our library. Share your portfolio on your social media accounts to pull traffic in! Completely new to 123RF? Explore our guides on how to get started as a creative contributor.

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