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Are Visuals The Best Secret Sauce For Converting Prospects?

The short answer is: yes. Now let’s get into the reasons why. The power of visual presentation has become an increasingly important component of a company’s digital marketing campaign. Whether through videos, infographics, or images, the digital marketing sphere has transformed into a medium where creative visuals are the secret sauce to engaging prospects and converting them into loyal customers.

Are Visuals The Best Secret Sauce For Converting Prospects? - 123RF Blog

Portfolio collection by Ivan Zamurovic, 123RF.

When companies mix creativity with personalized imagery, they can create a potent blend of branding that can deliver a powerful blow to competitors. If you want to witness the power of visuals to drive a brand forward, you only need to check out what some of the biggest companies are doing.

McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are just two examples of brands that have used video and imagery to achieve massive market exposure and continually engage with consumers using a personal and visual approach. Coca-Cola, in particular, is having great success with its latest share-a-Coke campaign, with millions of people engaging with the brand by posting images of Coca-cola bottles featuring their name on their favorite social media channels. McDonald’s makes significant use of the mobile marketing space by creating games kids can download and play on their phones. Visual content is a powerful way to connect with your audience, so here are a few more reasons why your brand needs to incorporate visual elements into its marketing campaigns. 

Visuals Promote Engagement

Interactive videos can be engaging in many different ways. Brands use videos to engage their social media or website visitors with dynamic video presentations that deliver information that is important to them.

Personalized videos use data you already have to create warm and welcoming messages when bringing new clients on board or introducing existing customers to new products. Take a brand like Idomoo for example. This video as a service platform is leading the field in personalized video production and has worked with big brands like Vodafone, Exxon, and Cadbury to help them engage with their customers in new and exciting ways.

Are Visuals The Best Secret Sauce For Converting Prospects? - 123RF Blog

Image by rawpixel, 123RF.

If you’re looking to adopt this tactic, another way you can use video to create a more personal experience is by creating short videos in answer to customer queries. In a lot of cases, it’s just as quick as typing out a canned response but dramatically enhances the personal, caring touch.

People are Wired to Process Visual Information

Humans process visual information much faster than reading or listening. Most people also prefer to watch videos rather than read text when learning about a company. So if you haven’t updated your organization’s About Us page to video format, now might be a good time to start. A survey conducted in 2013 by CMO showed that most of the respondents were in favor of video over any other type of marketing medium, including live demos, white papers, and case studies.

Are Visuals The Best Secret Sauce For Converting Prospects? - 123RF Blog

Image by rawpixel, 123RF.

The fact that YouTube is the second biggest search engine also indicates that your customers would be favorably responsive to more visuals in your digital marketing campaigns. Collectively, billions of hours of videos are uploaded and watched every week on YouTube, and the numbers increase every year. Here are four reasons why you should use stock content in your video marketing strategies.

Data in Visual Form is Easier to Process and Understand

A company should create new ways to use and disseminate its data in meaningful ways. Customers and employees will both benefit from data that is visually engaging. Data presented in visual form is not only more appealing, but it is also easier to understand.

Are Visuals The Best Secret Sauce For Converting Prospects? - 123RF Blog

Image by gdas, 123RF.

Customer data can reveal behaviors that allow a marketing campaign to be personally tailored to the preferences, interests, and needs of the customer, which is much more engaging than a static text-based article about a new product launch or promotion. The personalized nature of the video makes it much better equipped to elicit an emotional response from the viewer and get them emotionally involved with the message.

Technology has made creating and distributing visual information relatively straightforward and easy to implement, but that doesn’t mean you will see success with any old videos or images. The content still needs to be meaningful and relevant to the customer if it’s going to have the desired impact.


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