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An Autumn Bonanza Of Bestselling Stock Photos / Vectors

Ah, how time flies! Before we know it, the summer days are long gone and in comes the cool autumn nip in the air.

All is abuzz in the bestsellers hub. This month sees an array of autumnal favorites and warm colors, snapshots of things that warm the soul.

Flat Modern Icons is busy planting tiny bulbs of infographics, business icons, and colorful illustrations, in anticipation of springtime blooms.

While nature puts on a beautiful display of red and gold shades with fall foliage, it also gives Infographic Templates more work raking up the remnants of fallen leaves on the ground.

Product Labels was out taking the children – Vintage and Organic to a pumpkin patch along with a jolly hayride and a bonfire to end the night.

Business Images is doing business as usual – in presentations, shaking hands, making speeches – all with a smile and thumbs up.

Snuggled up in a corner with a warm quilt and paperback thriller is Abstract Backgrounds, stirring a cup of hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick.

Autumn is the perfect time to give thanks and to recognize the abundance around us. So, our bestsellers would like to thank you readers for the amazing support that you have given this family of favorites!

Click below to view the Top Credit Stock Photos

Credit Stock Photos Best Sellers in Oct 2014

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Subscription Best Sellers Stock Photos in Oct 2014

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Stock Footage Best Sellers in Oct 2014

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Till next month! Toodeloo!


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