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A Stock Photography Focus On Authenticity And Diversity With dglimages

Dglimages is a diverse photography team creates a strong focus on current real world topics with a realistic approach. Based in the North East of England’s shores, DGL says that the mixture of ages, genders, and backgrounds of their subjects impact the creative outcomes of each photo shoot. With strong influences from the media and large companies, the team successfully capture authentic stock photography that meets their demands.

We have several photographers as many of our shoots are shot guerrilla style, capturing the moments as they unfold, being a fly on the wall and also getting in close without influencing the scene.

On Capturing Authentic And Diverse Stock Photography

Explore stock photography in well-captured, assorted themes such as everyday life, parenthood, childhood, and education in their portfolio collection. This UK-based creative team shows us the little scenes we experience in our daily lives from unique perspectives.

Social trends and current issues always need to be taken into account and play a massive part in stock trend forecasting. Environmental issues such as plastics, mental health and people living with disabilities are more in demand than ever.

DGL’s photo collection features a broad variety of lifestyle shots. Look for everyday themes centering on the issues and activities we have in daily life.

Authenticity and diversity is key now!

In truth, creatives often draw inspiration from current events happening around the globe. Take a leaf out of the team at DGL’s book and start by diversifying your creative stock portfolio.

We try to have a varied mix of ethnicity in our shoots. We focus more on active seniors, millennials, LGBTQI+ and other minority groups. The team works with individuals in their own environment to create an authentic view of real life. So when we photograph disability, it will be a real person living with a disability and not just someone acting out this role.

It’s not often we see stock photography centering on a subject living with a disability. The team at DGL are definitely on the right track. Shooting a model who isn’t acting it out further contributes to the authenticity of the image.

In need of images to form your digital presence? Use these photos featuring authenticity and diversity on your social media, website, web banners or on an online magazine. Look no further than this contributor’s collection on 123RF.

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