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A Cute Collection of Icons and Characters

We receive thousands of visual content every day but this collection truly made us go “Awww”! If you’re a fan of all things cute, then you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off these creations from Taiwanese designer, Tzu Chien. From doe-eyed animals, basic flat icons, to lovely stickers in all categories, you will find a whole variety suited for the young and old.

You just have to check them out and perhaps download a few? Here’s a sneak peek!

Vector - cartoon child face icon

Vector - cartoon animal play music icon

Vector - cartoon bear family set icon

Vector - cartoon weather icon

Vector - hand draw home stuff set

Vector - Italy food stickers

Vector - cartoon wedding pictures

Vector - retro transport icons set

Vector - set of animal face icons

Vector - Set of Retro flat education icons,back to school

Vector - doodle Social media elements

Vector - Retro flat communication icons set

Other Adorable Collections To Love:

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