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A Creative’s Guide To Earning Money Online

Looking for a potential money-making digital avenue? 123RF allows creators across the globe to submit and sell their artwork on a straightforward, user-friendly platform. Simply put, if you are a photographer or a digital artist, creating a contributor account and uploading your creative work to build your portfolio can net a considerable amount of passive earnings. This is a lucrative way to upsell your creative skills, because you basically only need to work hard once, and reap the benefits later.

Earn money online by submitting your creative art.

Now, let’s delve a little into what is accepted and will be trending on our creative platform. Photography, on its own, has a very broad variety of genres that you can jump on board with. For example, if you love snapping food photography, there’s a whole slew of incredible food shots available in our extensive library. Simply run a quick search with the keywords “food layoutand you will discover a vivid range of photos with very creative arrangements.

Food layout collection by povareshka, 123RF.

Of course, 123RF’s platform isn’t limited to just photography, however broad a range it may cover. Submit anything from hand-drawn patterns to gradient or watercolor illustrations. If you’re unsure about the types of design content that 123RF accepts, simply run a quick search on the library to explore its massive collection.

Artistic illustrations by Yulia Malykhina, 123RF.

Just starting out with building your creative brand? How you promote your own creative portfolio is entirely up to you – take it to all of your social media accounts, your favorite art forums, or join online creative communities.

The contributor platform also offers a smooth, functional dashboard that allows you to see and track your monthly or total earnings and analytics like downloads, content upload summary, and more.

Don’t have the tools? Use free creative software.

Interested in earning money online with your creative work, but don’t have the right software or the budget for one? A free online browser-based tool like Pixlr can help you with that. You can access the basic tools of Pixlr X and E for free, together with some overlays and stickers. If you need further access to more advanced features and editing tools, they offer pretty affordable pricing plans for image editing professionals.

While any other software can work just as well, Pixlr offers a handy A.I. integrated background removal tool for cutting out and replacing selective sections of your images. Add flair to your visuals before submitting them to 123RF to create your own selling portfolio.

Add text to your watercolor artwork to turn it into a cute quote. Cactus illustration by Yulia Malykhina, 123RF.

Realistically, as we’re now in an era of uncertainty, there are many left unemployed or struggling to make ends meet. If you think about it, basically every skill you have mastered can be a source of income, however small the returns may be. From the online gig industry to starting a digital business, there’s no doubt that hustling on the side without having to quit your day job has become the new norm. If you have even one iota of creativity within you – which you very well may be born with – make use of your creative skills to start earning money online.

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