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8 Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

The month of love is upon us once again, and as a small business, you are no doubt eager to launch a marketing campaign that will capture the attention of the romance-smitten populace.

When there is already a buzz in the air about a favorite day or event, one of the easiest ways to get some attention is to join the conversation. Here are eight marketing ideas you can use to ride the current wave of love sweeping over the world.

Romanticize Your Social Media Profiles

You can help add some romance to your visitors’ day by updating your social media profiles with love themed images. You want the romantic inclinations to be visible, but don’t go so over-the-top that you drown out your branding.

Facebook allows you to add a short video to your business page header. If you are handy with a video app, you could quickly cobble together a romantic themed animation to add some romantic flair to your business presence.

Celebrate Couplehood With a Two-For-One Deal

Valentine’s is a celebration of couples, and what better way to complement this special day than a two-for-one deal. Craft your copy, so it cleverly plays on the couple’s theme.

This idea can work even if you are a service-oriented business. You can mix and match the services you offer by providing an additional service for no extra charge, or maybe supply a nice box of chocolates for every order.

And if you’re using a vector file like the one above, you might want to check out how to edit an EPS file.

Get Your Followers to Share Their Favorite Romantic Moments

Everyone enjoys a romantic story, and social media is the perfect platform for spreading the love with your visitors. Ask people who stop by to share a favorite romantic moment they have enjoyed with their partner.

It could be a funny story of how they met or a surprise romantic getaway. Anything that’s a little out of the ordinary will work best at getting some engagement on your pages. For your brick and mortar presence, put up a blackboard or whiteboard and post a sign asking people to write out their favorite romantic interludes, or try a fill in the blank such as “I love how ____.”

Don’t Forget the Singles

There are plenty of singles on Valentine’s day, and some of them might view the day with more than a bit of cynicism after days of being bombarded with ads portraying love and romance. According to recent census figures, 45 percent of people over 18 years old in the United States are single.

You could be ignoring a significant portion of your market if you neglect to include them in your Valentine’s marketing strategy. Stand out from the flood of “happy couples” campaigns by creating an alternative message portraying singles enjoying a product they don’t have to share. Remember, if you’re single, you get to savor all the chocolates.

Most of the social media platforms have ad management software that allows you to precisely target singles, which is an excellent way to get your message in front of them with a slightly tongue-in-cheek cynical, anti-Valentine’s day slant.

Partner with a Charity

Support your local community and win over more customers by partnering with a local charity. A restaurant could promote heart-healthy meal choices in February, with a portion of every order going to The Heart Foundation.

Gyms and fitness clubs could offer a special deal to couples during February that lasts all year long, with some of the proceeds going to their charity of choice.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in; teaming up with a charity during February (or heavily promoting one you already support) is a great way to show that your company cares and is willing to give back to the local community.

Create A Video Gift Guide

Desperate partners short on time and ideas would appreciate a helping hand in choosing a gift. Sometimes it’s hard to pluck ideas out of thin air, and a gift guide can provide some welcome inspiration.

Videos are incredibly versatile. You can create a slideshow of Valentine’s themed gift ideas, have a charismatic staff member get on camera to talk about the products with a brief demonstration, or walk around the store with the camera, and show the products on display. If you need some images to slip into your slideshow, check out our vast library of stock content.

You don’t need fancy equipment or a complicated script to create Valentine’s themed promotional videos. Your phone and a video editing app are all you need to produce something simple yet effective.

Videos are an excellent medium, as you can show off the products in more detail, but a web page or PDF with images could also work well.

Send a Valentine’s Card to Your Existing Customers

A Valentine’s card to your favorite person is a time-honored tradition for Valentine’s Day. You love and appreciate your customers, so why not show how much you value them by sending a card?

You could include a simple message, but a small personal gesture can make a big impact. Use your knowledge of your customers and send them something they value. Designing your card digitally? Use Pixlr X to create simple, straight to the point messages and romantic greetings!

If you know their favorite candy bar, include one in the card. Environmentally concerned customers would appreciate a tree planted in their name. Do you know of any charities your customers support? If so, you could let them know in the card that you donated in their name. These are all excellent ways to show your appreciation for their support over the years, and your business will be remembered.

Do a 14 Days of Valentine’s Promotion

Many organizations use the ten days of Christmas as a promotional strategy. As Valentine’s is on the 14th, why not do a “14 days of Valentine’s promotion.” You can use your social media profiles to get the word out.

Here’s how to go about your Valentine’s Campaign:

Each day could be a different promotion with discounts or giveaways. One day could be a coffee mug with your company logo and slogan, and the next could be a sweat-band. Use your imagination to provide something unique or fun for each day of the promotion.

Other giveaway items you could include are pens, t-shirts, and calendars; cheap, but useful gifts that will also help get your branding into the marketplace.

As you can see, there are a ton of marketing strategies you can use to take advantage of the buzz surrounding Valentine’s day, even for the singles. Rather than just put up the same old decorations this year, try something different and show your customers that you care about the relationship you have with them.

Next, explore our post on giving your business a boost with conscious marketing strategies. Click on the link to get inspired, or find more marketing ideas.


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