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6 Ways to Improve Sales Conversions with Visuals

Have you ever wanted to boost sales online with visuals that will alert buyers to sales, or perhaps intrigue buyers? Maybe you’ve even wanted to draw a user’s attention to specific elements on your website.

Now, the idea of creating your very own visuals and digital graphics from scratch may be intimidating. Let’s face it, many of us aren’t born designers, but with a little practice and creativity, we can create visuals that pack a punch. Stock images, digital tools and a little bit of creativity can definitely help increase your sales. Let’s see how users just like you use banners and graphics to boost sales online.

Here’s how to improve sales conversions with visuals

1. Select Banner Sizes Properly

Experimenting with different size banners and graphics on your own site is fine, but there’s a reason why marketers stick to standard sizes: they work best. The most common banner sizes are: 728 x 90300 x 600300 x 250336 x 280

Choose and experiment with different creative sizes and placements to find what works best for your audience. Click the following link to discover how to resize images for social media.

Choose and experiment with different creative sizes and placements to find what works best for your audience.

2. Choose the Right Colors

There’s no denying that color matters. It should definitely be in line with the brand and also within an appropriate color scheme. Your banner’s colors should:

  1. Complement each other

  2. Align with brand identity

  3. Not clash with existing site colors

Color psychology should also be considered. For example, greens are known to signify learning and growth, while black promotes urgency.

Boost sales conversions by choosing the right colors for your marketing visuals.

3. Animate to Get Attention

Animations, those that load quickly and are not intrusive, can increase user attention and lead to more action being taken by the user. You can have a pulsing “50% off sale” text or a simple product animation that gains the user’s attention. Check out this article on the link between online engagement and visuals.

4. Get Personal with Digital Editing Tools

Graphics editors allow owners, marketing teams and graphics designers to make quick changes to banner ads and graphics. Learn the basics of digital tools, like Pixlr, that allow you to customize everything from the size of the creative to the text. While you may have a team dedicated to these creatives, knowing how to use these tools gives you the freedom to experiment and make on-the-fly changes.

5. Add Relatable Stock Images

Stock images can be a valuable addition to graphics and banners. You can use images of people in your product’s demographic to make your site more relatable and gain the trust of potential buyers. You can also use stock images to build creatives rapidly, such as sales icons or buttons for your banners. Similarly, if you use stock images properly, you can gain trust while also reducing the time it takes to make your graphics.

6. Add in a Call-to-Action

A call-to-action (CTA) tells your visitor what to do. If you have a sales creative telling consumers that you’re offering 50% off, add a button that sales “claim this deal” or some text that says “Click to learn more” to increase user action.

Simple CTAs can be added in using digital tools and can greatly improve sales.

Sometimes, graphics are used to bring the visitor’s focus to a certain area of the page, such as a buy now button. Consequently, when you use web banners and graphics, you gain more control over user behavior and can improve sales conversions using proven marketing tactics.

Header image by georgejmclittle.


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