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5 Ways To Clear Bedroom Clutter

Everyone deals with bedroom clutter. And after a while, it can be annoying. The thought of going to bed and waking up to a majestic pile of dirty socks and sweaty shirts is utterly disgusting. Above all, bedroom clutter can negatively affect your creative process. Your messy surroundings is certainly not an inspiration for creating that beautiful written piece or that unique illustration. So here are 5 ways to clear your bedroom clutter and get those creative juices flowing.

1. Clean up your bedroom clutter once a week

 5 Ways To Clear Bedroom Clutter 123RF Blog - Beautiful modern bedroom interior

Imagine waking up to that view every morning.

This is a no-brainer. The less frequent you clean up, the higher the chances of accumulating bedroom junk. First up, let’s start with a cleaning regime. It is best to work with the most obvious clutters, your clothing. Jeans, tees, shirts, skirts and especially jackets. These can be extremely annoying as it is usually just dumped around the room.

Sorting them out allows you to finally see the remaining cleaning left to be done. Next, head for the bed and work desk, as this is where you spent most of your time in the bedroom. Get rid of leftover papers or whatever else lying around from the previous week. Finally, give it one last check and repeat for each of the coming weeks. Notice the difference and thank us later.

2. Organize your closet space

5 Ways To Clear Bedroom Clutter 123RF Blog - Large female wardrobe

Finally, you may just have something to wear.

Your closet is arguably your biggest sanctuary in the bedroom. Here is where you can store anything and everything. From endless letters given by your high school crush to boxes of junk from your previous home. And due to that, the closet is the biggest threat to your creative process. Therefore, take the time and initiative to clear the clutter.

For garments that has not been worn for over a year, out the window it goes. If you have never used it in this time frame, the chances are you never will. Shoes? Invest in a shoe rack and take them out of the room. And as for everything else, designate a drawer for each category of your belongings.

3. Choose the right laundry basket

5 Ways To Clear Bedroom Clutter 123RF Blog - White laundry basket

Never have to worry about asking mom where’s your sock.

Sticking by the fact that clothes are the biggest pile of clutter, a laundry basket is considered an essential. It is no denying that most of your clothes rarely immediately makes its way to the bathroom for a wash. Together with the garments being too sweaty and dirty to be kept back in the closet, the bedroom floor seems like the best option.

Thus, you find yourself on your tip toe, trying to gracefully make your way to the bed. The laundry basket avoids all this, as it enables you to store your dirty clothes before washing them. This keeps your bedroom neat and tidy at all times.

4. Use bowls and jars for small items

5 Ways To Clear Bedroom Clutter 123RF Blog - Organized work station

This is one way to get those creative juices flowing.

Your bedroom tends to be the drop-off point for small items like jewelry, stationary and even a couple of coins here and there. Simple leaving these items lying around may seem harmless due to its size. However, you are wrong. Scattering these belongings in the room has two major downsides.

Firstly, you end up spending more time looking for these items when you need to use them. Secondly, it is super inefficient to work with your paper clips and earrings lying around on your workstation. Imagine having to put things away before actually getting to work. It just disrupts the entire creative process. Hence, use small bowls or trays to keep your belongings organized and allowing yourself to remain stress free.

5. Clear your nightstand on a weekly basis

5 Ways To Clear Bedroom Clutter 123RF Blog - Wooden nightstand for bedroom

The minimalist concept certainly applies to this nightstand.

Besides your bed and work desk, the nightstand is arguably the most favorable area of your bedroom. However, the nightstand is a notorious for storing junk. Many of you often carry food and drinks to the bed. So where does that empty box of milk or can of beer go to? What about that jumbo pack of Doritos? That’s right. On your nightstand.

Because let’s be honest here, nobody is going to bother taking a walk to the trash can to dispose off packets of delightful treats, especially when you are tucked in bed and humming to your favorite jam on Spotify. And this is on a sober night. All hell breaks loose when your home and hungover from a wild night out. Throw in a strip of Aspirin, a bottle of water and tons of tissues, and you can barely even see base of the nightstand anymore.

If you are keen to clear your bedroom clutter but you just keep putting it off for next week, check out 7 foolproof ways to quit procrastination. As for writers looking to connect with common modern day problems, read up on things every writer can relate to.  

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