5 Tips to Choose Stock Photos for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is rapidly growing into one of the best platforms to position yourself and your brand as an industry expert. The ability to reach and connect with C-level executives makes this a must have for organizations out there. The best way to achieve this is by producing relevant content. So here’s some tips on how to select stock photos for your LinkedIn posts and profile. 

1. Use images relevant to your industry

5 Tips to Choose Stock Photos for LinkedIn 123RF Blog - Typewriter

A writer’s life.

Selecting the right image for your cover photo is extremely important. However, where do you even begin your search? A good rule is to narrow down your search by using images that are relevant to your industry. So if you’re a writer, a classic typewriter would be a nice touch as a background. Alternatively, opt for a fitness-themed image if you’re a fitness coach. 

2. Select stock images that fit your article 

5 Tips to Choose Stock Photos for LinkedIn 123RF Blog - Freelancer working

An image like this is can basically be used for most articles and posts.

With your profile up and running, it’s time to get some articles going. While there may be plenty of options to choose from, you can do no wrong by using a photo that connects with your post. A good rule is to use the headline as a guide. So if you’re talking about making money as a freelancer, the above stock photo would be great. 

3. Insightful infographics 

5 Tips to Choose Stock Photos for LinkedIn 123RF Blog - Infographic for business

Here’s how to package a bulk of information, the right way.

LinkedIn is all about sharing information. This is the best way to establish yourself as an industry expert. However, curating your own infographics may take a little too long. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Check out our series of cool infographics here. 

4. Conceptual images 

5 Tips to Choose Stock Photos for LinkedIn 123RF Blog -Conceptual image for work life balance

This quirky photo will surely help you stand out on LinkedIn.

Conceptual images are a great way to deliver strong messages. Its quirky nature also allows you to inject a bit of fun and personality into your Linkedin articles. Therefore, this tactic is an effective way to engage with your audience. 

5.  Stand out with color 

 5 Tips to Choose Stock Photos for LinkedIn 123RF Blog - Living coral coffee cup

A pop of color can do no harm.

Many believe LinkedIn is purely for white papers and massive e-books. While this is certainly true, it does not indicate that this platform must be all so plain, dull and boring. Therefore, remember to equip your posts and articles with a dash of color, with clever use of catch stock photos and vectors. 

So there you have it, five ways to design your LinkedIn posts and profile with stock photos. Additionally, for more marketing hacks, read up on how to create beautiful visual content.

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