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5 Tips For Photographers to Get Featured in Magazines

Wanna be featured in publications like Time or GQ?

Well the good news is, you don’t have to look like Ryan Reynolds. So how do you get featured in a magazine? Well, the key to this lies in your trusted camera. Are you ready to shoot your way to Hollywood?

1. Select images with the right mood

5 Tips For Photographers to Get Featured in Magazines 123RF - Camping outdoors under the starry sky

This beautiful scenery would fit perfectly with publications like Nat Geo.

The most important aspect for photographers to be featured in a magazine lies in your ability to identify the brand’s voice. The image will play a major role in setting the standard of the particular magazine. For instance, adventure themed images work best with the likes of Nat Geo.

Meanwhile, models dressed in tux and sampling scotch fits with the whole GQ vibe. Therefore, always do your research before submitting a photo to a magazine, because an image with the right tone will automatically be favored.

2. Leave enough white space

5 Tips For Photographers to Get Featured in Magazines 123RF - Neon magazine cover

White space allows for texts to be used alongside a striking image.

This may not be the first thing that strikes your mind. However, white space forms a major component in magazine designs. Hence, photographers must pay special attention to this. But what is the purpose of this white space?

This blank canvas allows for magazine directors to add texts to further amplify the image. In the above photo, editors can use the power of words to illustrate the importance of a magazine’s direction.

3. Use real images over staged content

5 Tips For Photographers to Get Featured in Magazines 123RF - Fisherman sitting on bamboo raft

Authentic images shows the actual work being put into a magazine visual, as opposed to a generic image.

Photography is going back to the old school ways, in a good way. The rise of vintage and retro themes images, along with film not being dead are all great ways to adopt what has worked in the past and embrace it for the future. However, along the way, the media has been guilty of portraying a fake representation of our world. Therefore, brands these days are determined to fix this by taking a stance on social issues.

The whole cultural appropriation, redefining masculinity and celebrating bodies of various shapes and sizes have become a core aspect. Hence, photographers must make an effort to incorporate these elements in their images, to stand a chance of having their work featured in a magazine.

4. Showcase emotions through visuals

5 Tips For Photographers to Get Featured in Magazines 123RF - Hugging zebra in safari

Photographers must capture the true emotion of a brand’s story and direction.

Your camera is a powerful tool. And photography is a language of its own. It has the capacity to convey powerful messages and emotions through a single click. And that is exactly what is takes to be featured in a magazine. Take a moment to study the top brands out there.

Your Lonely Planet, Time, GQ, Elle and Nat Geo all seek powerful visuals to convey their message. And their images do a remarkable job to strike a chord with their audience. Therefore, when it comes to photography, never swap style for substance. Look for moments that makes your heart skip a beat, or something that puts a smile on your face. Only then, can you successfully tell a story worth remembering.

5. Conceptualizing your thoughts

5 Tips For Photographers to Get Featured in Magazines 123RF  - Conceptual photography

Conceptual photography like this is a great way to tackle social issues.

Conceptual images are a great way to showcase creativity and demonstrate your thinking capacity. It allows photographers to push the boundaries on their creative work. However, how do you conceptualize your thoughts? One way is to make a play on images. For instance, the above image shows the dismay at the slave trade. The trees act as fences and cages, while the masks represent people, being captured and controlled.

These tips will show you how to get your photographs featured on social media. Alternatively, if you’re looking to design your way into an international publication, check out how to do a striking neon pastel magazine cover.  

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