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5 Reasons To Do A Reverse Image Search on 123RF

The search for stock images just got quicker and more intelligent. Just like how you can “show” Google a picture and have it scour the internet for similar images, you can perform a reverse image search on 123RF too!

It’s a lot like a regular search, but with images. Insert an image instead of a keyword in the search bar to help you quickly discover visually similar images from our extensive library of stock images. Pretty cool, huh?

To perform a reverse image search on 123RF, upload your picture to the search bar. It is on the right side of the search bar with the camera icon.

Reverse image search icon on 123RF.

Here are five reasons you should use reverse image search on 123RF:

1. Discover more images you’ll love

Reverse image search results on 123RF.

Perhaps the image you currently have is great, but it’s not exactly perfect. Guess what? We have a quick and easy solution to how you can discover more images that are right up your alley. Just drop your image into the search bar, and you’ll be met with plenty of beautiful images that share a similar tone or vibe.

Or, in a different scenario, imagine your brand is looking for a slight revamp of its visuals. Let Reverse Image Search do its job to look for a ton of fresher, modern takes on your brand’s current visuals. The Reverse Image Search’s feature recognizes the colors and style of an image, so you can count on it showing you images that stay consistent with your current branding.

2. You can’t think of any keywords

Frustrated sad woman feeling tired worried about problem sitting on sofa with laptop, stressed depressed girl troubled with reading bad news online

You know precisely what you want, but you’re having difficulty nailing down the main keywords. If that’s you, don’t stress because you’re not alone. Many people have trouble picking the right keywords.

There are absolutely no keywords needed to work a Reverse Image Search. Just drag and drop the image you have in mind into the reverse image search bar and have fun picking out the fantastic selections that the reverse image search has found for your content.

Knowing when and how to do a reverse image search can save you a lot of stress and frustration.

2. It’s a major time saver

Pink alarm clock on pink background, flat lay, top view

You have a deadline coming up, and you need those stock images up and ready to go, and you needed them yesterday. You’ve already spent too much time looking for the perfect stock photo and have gone down a 123RF rabbit hole looking at results you don’t want.

Reverse Image Search technology breaks down the images and recognizes even the tiniest details. It’s especially useful when you can’t quite pinpoint what type of image you are looking for. Sometimes, it’s much more time-efficient to do a Reverse Image Search instead of using the filters and going through each search results page.

3. When you’re a visual thinker

The discovery that comes from reverse image searches allows you to interact with images differently than inserting a keyword and looking for images. Many novel ideas from great content creators and storytellers used images as a starting point.

Look at the intricacies of the colors and lighting in the photo. If you’re a visual thinker and you see words in pictures or vice versa, there’s a chance that a reverse image search could spark inspiration in you that you can regurgitate in later works!


Take advantage of all the amazing advanced image search features that 123RF has to offer, here! New to stock photos in marketing? Check out the 123RF guide!

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