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3C Snippet: When Pictures Speak

G’day everybody!

Welcome to the debut of our newest segment on the 123RF Blog – Create. Creation. Creative, where we showcase some very artistic creations by our awesomely talented in-house creative designers for your viewing pleasure.

Its true when people say that a picture paints a thousand (or maybe million) words. In our first edition of Create. Creation. Creative, we have four amazing artistic images to share with all of you. Each image tells a story and how you would like to interpret it, we leave it up to you.

This first image was created by Nelson, one of our image editors. It is very enchanted-esque that has themes like mythical and fantasy painted all over it which represents a lonely girl in need of guidance, therefore, fairies appear to lead the leading lady towards the brighter side, perhaps.

Below are the codes of the images used to create this masterpiece.

1. 892546

In  the next artwork, Nelson chose a rather dark theme that shows an evil spirit sucking the life out of a dead man.

The codes of images used in this artwork are:-

1. 225248

10. 8998833

Vis, one of our maestro in photo manipulation, has created this very inspirational and motivating artwork.

According to him, this artistic image is about chasing our dreams and when it comes to that, the sky’s the limit and we should never ever give up. Thumbs (and toes) up for this one, we say!

Codes for images used are as below:-

10. 8779851

11. 9631524

12. 9895399

Last but not least, Theresa, our creative designer, came up with a romantic theme for the final artwork.

The message behind this art work is short, sweet and simple – love has no boundaries. Need we say more?

Image codes provided below:-

1. 445285

10. 9648205

11. 9773432

So, with the image codes given, along with some inspiration, we hope you give it a try and come up with your own masterpiece using the suggested image effects and so on. Once you’re done, feel free to send it to us at and who knows, we might just showcase your creation here!

Happy creating! 🙂

PS: Images can be found at

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