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33 Monthly Keyword Trends For Creators And Buyers

If you are a microstock contributor, you will know the importance of keywords in locating your uploaded content, regardless of it being a stock photo, vector, stock footage or audio. After all, the more optimized your keyword is, the higher the chances your creative stock content will get discovered.

Basically, using the right keywords will work to your advantage when it comes to boosting search results and increasing content visibility. As a stock contributor, you’ll need to know the best practices to make your stock content discoverable on our library. Even if you are a buyer, knowing what keyword trends are popular could save time scrolling through endless sites for a suitable content that matches your needs.

We have analyzed the top searched content on 123RF to date and discovered consistent stock keyword trends worldwide. Explore these keywords in a nutshell within this simple, yet concise infographic below.

These are the stock keywords sorted by month that will gain popularity each year. While they certainly fluctuate depending on the season, you can be sure that there will be a constant stream of supply and demand with these trending keywords.

Psst! Click the image below to explore the top design trends that will rise in popularity for 2020.

2020 Design Trends : Merge Creativity With Tech - 123RF Blog

Click the image to see the top 2020 design trends!

Interested to discover more comprehensive details on what keywords were on trend monthly? Explore 123RF’s keyword trends by month on our blog. This is updated regularly and will help you with your content creation and provide you a gist on idea generation. Use the embed code below to place the infographic of the keyword trends on your own website.

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