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3 Tips On Choosing Stock Photos As A Content Creator

Choosing stock photos is never easy, not to mention it takes some getting used to finding the right ones for your brand. Time consuming tasks like these can often be avoided through using search filters and advanced guides to produce better results. Here are 3 steps you can take while choosing the right photos for your projects.

Use Relevant Stock Photos

Selecting relevant photos that match the content of your project is key. Try not to just settle for an image that appeals to you but doesn’t suit the project you’re working on. While randomness may be fine for other things, it doesn’t really apply in the same way for stock photos.

Choose Well Taken Photography

Photos that have been captured with a lot of thought and planning behind it are usually popular and are on the first page in search results. Take this search on dog photography on 123RF, for example. The first page has some great, well-captured shots with ideal moments that promise authenticity.

Go For Your Favorite Contributor

If you like a certain contributor’s style, why not explore more of their stock photo portfolio? Odds are you’ll find a lot more scenes or shots that you like in their submitted collection. You’ll also save more time by quickly bookmarking the page of their portfolio or adding them to your follow list. If you check out the screenshot below, all you have to do is click on the contributor username at the section circled in blue.

Follow these 3 tips to select stock photos for your content creations and cut down on the time spent searching for good ones. Here’s an infographic on all the mediums where you can apply stock photos, just in case you were curious. Next up, explore the need for accurate representations of disabilities in the media right here.


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