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2022 Q3 : Trending keywords

With the increase of content creators all over the world, stock photography is becoming more than a business tool, instead it has also become a means of how the world is being depicted. However, when it comes to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) groups in stock photography; we noticed a discrepancy in their representation which is not indicative of today’s society. The same can be said of body positive content.

This isn’t just about ticking boxes or following any social trends but we just want to give these groups of people the recognition and portrayal that they deserve. Being one of the world’s lenses into human culture and society, we have the responsibility to ensure authentic and meaningful representation of each individual or group of people. Therefore, we would like to dedicate this issue to featuring more of our marginalized communities together with our popular topics for the months of August and October; so let’s jump right in.

Diversifying Skin Tones

(relevant keywords: african, indigenous, african american, people of color)

Generally in the realm of stock photography BIPOC groups take on a lot of stereotypical roles and are either frequently underrepresented or lack meaningful representation. Only a handful of models are available, the narratives and themes around them are also cliché, repetitive or misrepresented. Upon getting such feedback and actually looking into our collection, we feel the need to address this. To bring change and embrace more diversification in our contents. However, we can only be successful in doing this with the help of all you, our resourceful contributors!

There may not be a huge change overnight, the journey may be long but together we can make progress and move forward! So we encourage all contributors to diversify your portfolios, keep in mind our BIPOC groups and make room to present them in meaningful ways, drawing inspiration from everyday activities.


Ignoring Sizes

(relevant keywords: body positivity, curvy, plus size, positivity)

There has been an evolution in the world’s beauty standards and it’s been shaking up the media and fashion industry. Many of the fashion brands and companies out there are beginning to embrace size inclusivity, which can ultimately lead to body positivity. Media agencies are wanting more images and pictures depicting models of all shapes and sizes having fun, wearing vibrant styles or going about daily tasks.

Being curvy does not necessarily mean that people are unhealthy, we need to show that there is no need to be a certain size to be happy or healthy. Time to throw this stereotype out the window and opt instead to amplify meaningful body positivity. We want more images of a variety of body types in many different settings. We welcome joyful and active people of every size having fun, spending time with friends, doing sports, going shopping and so much more.


Embracing Equality

(relevant keywords: women equality, gender equality, equal opportunity)

26th of August; also known as Women’s Equality Day where we commemorate American women being granted the constitutional right to vote. Since then, we have come a long way to where we are today. Globally, not every woman has this equal opportunity, yet it is up to us to continue to share and spread it across the world. To our photographers, illustrators and contributors you play a significant role in representing gender equality in visuals of this new digital era. Once again to represent it well, we must be rid of all the stereotypical depictions in stock photography and instead show more real-life representations of women.

For example, capturing images of remarkable accomplishments by women at work, it could be a scientific role, surgical role, involvement in AI development, innovative workspaces and many more. Women can also be featured in athletic settings, doing active roles that may challenge gender stereotypes. These meaningful representative contents can help spread inclusivity and equality especially in roles that are traditionally dominated by men.


Exploring Landscapes

(relevant keywords: autumn landscape, autumn scenery, autumn view)

Late September marks the beginning of Autumn, with the transition of seasons on the way, there is also the transition of trends. This indeed reflects in our data as we see search trends for Autumn increasing in August with numbers doubling as we approach September and October. What is one of the most popular autumn searches? Definitely autumn landscapes! Make sure to have your portfolios filled with breathtaking sceneries of crisp brown leaves on trees and crunchy leaves on the ground. It’s a surefire way to get noticed this season.


Framing Fall

(relevant keywords: autumn background, autumn frame, autumn leaves)

As marketers and social media managers sought to match their content with the changing seasons, we encourage contributors to start preparing and uploading theirs as well. Fall templates framed with leaves, pumpkins, autumn flowers and harvest produce against a rustic wooden backdrop are what’s in demand when we talk about autumn backgrounds. Autumnal tones of red and orange make designs look warm and inviting.


Tasting Autumn

(relevant keywords: pumpkin soup, spiced latte, apple pie, dried fruits)

Yes, food! One of our favorite topics! Not only does it taste absolutely divine (think only about delicious food) but it also nourishes the body and brings people together! Apart from that, food and beverage presentations can also be colorful, inventive and inspiring! Especially when it comes to themed food or beverages. Even though you can’t taste it, it’s already a feast for the eyes. Autumn certainly tastes like pumpkin pies, tomato soups, spice lattes, apples, mushrooms, grapes, cheese and many more. Put a few of these together in a beautiful array and they will definitely catch an eye or two because, who doesn’t love food?


Feeling Healthy

(relevant keywords: world mental health day, counseling, support groups)

Ever since going through the pandemic in 2019, mental health awareness has taken an even bigger importance in our society. It is not just about the various aspects of mental illness but also our psychological, emotional and social well being. Therefore, in conjunction with the World Mental Health Day celebration on the 10th October 2022, we would also like to encourage our contributors to play a part by presenting mental health through your creative designs and lenses. Some of our content suggestions include people attending counseling sessions, abstract or creative representations of mental concepts, support from loved ones and more! All that is needed for us to feel healthy inside and out.


Getting Spooky

(relevant keywords: halloween, costumes, witches, ghost, carved pumpkin)

Autumn and all its wonderful goodness also brings in another exciting and frightful event. Can you guess the event correctly? It’s our annual spook season, Halloween! Halloween is one of our highest search and download topics here in 123RF, so you guys better be content prepared if you want to catch this wave! According to our data, this popular topic (and all its related searches) peaks in October. Thus, there is still plenty of time to spookify your contents! Ideas that you can focus on are Halloween backgrounds, greetings, parties, kids in costumes, pumpkins, cats, witches and ghosts, all of which fare pretty well with the data that we’re looking at.


Redefining Pink

(relevant keywords: breast cancer, fight cancer, cancer survivor)

Pinktober was created to remind us that October is breast cancer awareness month, the most common cancer for women all over the world. Although we very much agree that the pink ribbon is undeniably synonymous with breast cancer we’re also aware that pinkwashing is currently on the rise. Instead of seeing pink this October, let’s focus on being more. Don’t get us wrong, pink is still a powerful representation in this cause; in fact, we have a lot of similar pink ribbon vibes but we’re also saying that it is possible to visually represent breast cancer without the use of pink. Together let’s create both authentic images that reflect the reality of how things are and the support it can give to those who need it.

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