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18 Abstract Backgrounds That Will Knock Your Socks Off




  1. existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence.

Here’s something that is abstract yet existing in a frame. If you thought you have seen enough of abstract backgrounds, check out a collection that might just change your mind.

123RF Contributor, Tatiana Korchemkina AKA tanor, weaves magic into her designs with swirls, patterns, and all the colors you can think of on a single palette. Just looking at her portfolio, you’ll notice her passion for clean yet tasteful vector elements in lovely pastel hues. But let’s stop talking, just keep scrolling below and perhaps add some of these to your lists of downloads!


Isn’t it simply an amazing mosaic of colors? Feel free to click and download any of these for any use, even birthday cards or wallpaper hangings!

Other Faves That We Like And Know You Will Too!

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