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15 Best Christmas Tree Designs You Can Ever Use

Christmas is blowing in very soon and what we love most about this holiday is the mouthwatering feast, bountiful gifts and of course, the magnificent tree that stands in the living rooms of most homes.

What makes this season for giving even more special is that it’s celebrated worldwide in different cultures and traditions. In Ireland, Christmas trees are decorated with tinsels, colored lights and baubles and topped with a star or angel figure; while Norwegians cut their own tree from the woods and follow a ritual of joining hands around the tree and walk around it singing carols. A popular Christmas custom in Spain is a lucky strike game where children hit at a tree trunk filled with goodies to knock out as much nuts, toffee, and treats. Even the Japanese have a tradition of their own with unique Christmas tree decorations such as dolls, origami swans, gold paper fans, wind chimes, and miniature candles!

As much as we wish we could create trees that you can pluck right out from your computer screen, it is of course an impossible feat. But what we have here is a collection of really cool Christmas tree designs that you can use to create gorgeous greeting cards, wallpaper or even your own gift wrapping paper!

Info + Graphics

Beyond Retro

A Silhouette Kinda Xmas

Vector - 15 designs in one file. To create holiday cards, backgrounds, ornaments, decoration.

Typographic Wishes

Navy Elegance

Just For The Little Ones

Dazzling Steals

School’s Out! Not…

Vintage Illustrations FTW!

Vector - Blue card with golden christmas tree

Artsy Fartsy

Glitz n’ Glam

As Flat As Santa’s Humor

123RF Flat Icons Collection

Iconic Pop

Jingle Owls!

Merry Christmas Owls Vector Design

No Frills Attached

Vector - Merry Christmas Stylish Tree

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