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123RF World Travel Guide: Lichtenstein to Maldives

Ever witnessed a glow in the dark beach? In this entry of our 123RF World Travel Guide Series, we start off by exploring the fairy tale castles of Liechtenstein. Next, we head for a stroll in Luxembourg’s beautiful UNESCO-listed Old Town.

Following that, we experience a 24/7 gastronomic delight in Malaysia’s local eateries. Finally, we complete our getaway with Maldives’ extraordinary glow in the dark beach in Vaadhoo Island.

99. Liechtenstein

123RF World Travel Guide: Lichtenstein to Maldives 123RF Blog - Vaduz Castle,  Liechtenstein.

The Vaduz Castle is the current official residence of Lichtenstein’s royal family.

Snuggling between Switzerland and Austria, Lichtenstein is a true hidden gem. Beautiful castles and soaring mountains amid the serene Rhine make this one of the best places to embark on your own fairy tale odyssey. The Vaduz Castle is one of the most prominent sights here. Although you’re not allowed in the castle itself, the stunning photos make it well worth a hike to the castle’s surrounding areas.

Meanwhile, the 123RF World Travel Guide recommends heading to Malbun if you’re looking to make the most of the snow capped mountains. This tranquil ski resort is perfect for a family friendly getaway. Additionally, travel to Schonberg to satisfy your taste for the high life. Here, remember to bring along a good pair of hiking boots and your trusted camera. Next, make your way across gorgeous mountain ranges and we guarantee your lenses will be in for a treat.

100. Lithuania

123RF World Travel Guide: Lichtenstein to Maldives 123RF Blog - Cathedral square seen from Gediminas Avenue, the main street of Vilnius, Lithuania.

The Cathedral square seen from Gediminas Avenue, is a popular shopping and dining location in Vilnius.

For the 123RF World Travel Guide, this Baltic state is fast becoming a popular addition on the tourist trail. A major reason behind this lies in Lithuania’s ability to combine nature with the city life and the old with the new. Vilnius is at the heart of this fascinating blend. The capital city is widely renowned for its baroque architecture. The Antakalnis Cemetery and Gedimas Castle are a testament to the city’s past. The former is one of the most beautiful cemeteries you’ll ever come across.

Meanwhile, the latter offers panoramic views of the city from its hilltop fortified walls. However, for the best of Vilnius, be sure to make time to experience the city’s thriving nightlife and culinary scene. As for nature enthusiasts, make your way to the Curonian Spit National Park. Deer and elk populated pine forests are perfect for bike tours. To make the most of your trip here, opt for a stroll on the beaches and take in beautiful views of the Baltic sea.

101. Luxembourg

123RF World Travel Guide: Lichtenstein to Maldives 123RF Blog - Old Town of Luxembourg during winter.

Luxembourg’s Old town oozes with a magical charm during winter.

The 123RF World Travel Guide believes what Luxembourg lacks in size, it makes up for in charm. Similar to Lithuania and Liechtenstein, this tiny country is rich in medieval castles, rugged natural beauty and an endless supply of wine. Luxembourg City is the country’s capital and one of the continent’s most beautiful cities. It’s UNECSO-listed Old Town is a sight not to be missed. Here, wander away into any one of it’s alluring galleries and castles. Mudam and Book Castmates are the pick of the bunch.

The former homes glamorous modern art, while the latter accommodates labyrinth of ancient passageways, leading to slaughterhouses, garrisons and bakeries. For those up for a little trip, make your way to Vianden Castle. With origins from the 10th century, the castle oozes with a timeless charm that’s perfect for anyone looking for their Cinderella story. Just remember to leave a glass shoe behind for your Prince Charming.

102. Madagascar

123RF World Travel Guide: Lichtenstein to Maldives 123RF Blog - Madagascar's beautiful beaches

Vezo fishing village in the south of Madagascar.

Madagascar is a dream come true for anyone with a love for the outdoors. For the 123RF World Travel Guide, the country’s rich diversity is best explored in Isalo National Park. Desert canyons, lush vegetation and a network of streams are the name of the game in this park. Additionally, the lemurs, spiders, snakes and birds that call this home make up a fine collection of Madagascar’s wildlife scene. For the best experience, don’t miss out on the chance to take a dip in one of the natural pools.

Madagascar’s allure continues to the Nosy Be. Situated off the country’s northwestern coast, this island is a paradise for travelers. Additionally, Nosy Tanikely offers fantastic snorkeling opportunities in its warm, turquoise waters. Meanwhile, it’s rather off the beaten path allows for this to be your private sanctuary, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

103. Malawi

123RF World Travel Guide: Lichtenstein to Maldives 123RF Blog - Lake Malawi at sunset.

The serene Lake Malawi is the heartbeat of the country.

Malawi promises to fulfill your thirst for diverse landscapes. And the best way to witness this is via Lake Malawi itself. This massive body of water doubles up as a stunning island, especially when you’re lying on a palm-fringed sandy beach, overlooking the water at sunset. If that does not float your boat, then get your gear and go snorkeling in one of Africa’s richest underwater world ecosystem. The lodges overlooking the calm waters are also great for a family friendly vacation, minus the chaos and long queues.

The country’s diverse landscapes are also evident in the Majete Wildlife Reserve. Since its takeover from African Parks in 2003, this game reserve has slowly but surely recovered to become of the continent’s better parks. So if you’d like to witness one of Africa’s great success stories, then the 123RF World Travel Guide highlights this as one of the best places to visit.

104. Malaysia

123RF World Travel Guide: Lichtenstein to Maldives 123RF Blog - Rickshaw's in the middle of Georgetown, Penang.

Georgetown’s historic streets are best explored with a rickshaw ride late in the evening. Image via baiterekmedia@123RF.

The 123RF World Travel Guide relates Malaysia to a grandma’s hot wok. With fried rice, rice cake strips and any other craving in demand, this Southeast Asian kitchen staple has fed hungry family and friends for decades. Likewise, Malaysia has fulfilled a traveler’s hunger for a range of activities and attractions. For city kids, look no further than KL. The country’s capital is a perfect blend of obvious delights like its plethora of 24/7 eateries and speakeasy bars that will take your Instagram game as high as the Twin Towers.

Penang meanwhile, is perfect for you to wander away and discover the legends of the Khoo Kongsi clan house and a quirky collection of street art. Pahang is a gem for nature enthusiasts, with the country’s over 100 million year old sprawling National Park. Additionally, Malacca is a must see for history buffs, especially since you can explore Portuguese and Dutch influence on colorful rickshaws while lending your ears to Bollywood melodies.

As for those looking to get their tan on, the duty-free island of Langkawi is the pick of the bunch. However, for the best bang for your buck, sail across to Sabah and Sarawak. Here, tackle the peak of Mount Kinabalu, go snorkeling in the country’s clearest waters, earn a tribal tattoo by a local chief, and attend a music festival in the heart of the jungle. Finally, follow the perfume of the garlic, chili and shrimp paste to satisfy your hunger with a treat from the legendary wok.

105. Maldives

123RF World Travel Guide: Lichtenstein to Maldives 123RF Blog - The Sea of Stars in Vadhoo Islands.

Vadhoo Island’s Sea of Stars is a phenomenon not to be missed.

For anyone in search of paradise, Maldives is just that. Stunning powder white beaches are a simple hop and skip away from luxury resorts. Spa massages are readily available with a mere phone call. And romantic, seaside dinners await every honeymooning couple. For the 123RF World Travel Guide, Ari Atoll is arguably the pick of the bunch. This inviting lagoon homes world class diving and snorkeling sites. However, the ultimate experience lies in the whale shark swimming experience. The country’s charm continues in Maafushi. The island has evolved into a traveler’s favorite, with resorts and hotels slowly taking over.

The island is also known to be more relaxed with laws on pork, alcohol and bikinis. Meanwhile, for those seeking a truly memorable experience, travel to the Vaadhoo Islands. Here, check out the glorious ‘Sea of Stars’ phenomenon, a glow in the dark beach caused by the plankton and the water. However, no trip to Maldives is complete without Male. This tiny capital offers insight into the ‘real’ Maldives. The chaos of the streets and markets are always the best place to begin with.

Next up on our 123RF World Travel Guide, join us as we experience Mali’s thriving cultural scene in Djene and uncover the secrets of the Micronesian islands. Also, catch up on our previous 123RF World Travel Guide series which witnessed Kyrgyzstan’s best views in the Alay Valley and Libya’s ancient Roman and Greek ruins.

Finally, keep up with the rest of our efforts to document the world’s best travel destinations. Also, do check out how our resources help develop your own story for your blog, magazine and website.

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